[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 01.05.04

The Iris v3 IL021 keypads use 4 AA batteries (Lithium, Alkaliine or NiMh/NiCD)
It also has a unique built in 80dB Alarm feature which can be activated through the tamper switch or through SmartThings UI/SmartApps as an Alarm capability device


  • This device does NOT use a pin/user code to Arm (ON/Partial). You press the ON/Partial button directly to arm it
  • To Disarm enter the 4 digit pin and press the OFF button
  • After installing the DTH/device, open the device preferences page (gear icon on the top right corner) and set the battery type (default is Lithium but many devices ship with Alkaline).

A SmartApp like Lock User Management or SHM Delay etc is required to arm/disarm SHM directly from the keypad.

Real-time Updates With SmartLocks

TIP: While this device handler is compatible with SmartLocks, if you would like to see real time updates to the dashboard in Smart Locks (locking, unlock etc), change the name of the device handler in metadata section around line 68 from

name: “Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock”


name: “ZigBee Lock”

Save and Publish -> viola, real time updates in SmartLocks


I can’t get my v3 iris IL021 keypad to arm stay or partial from the keypad. I can disarm but not arm. If you press either of the buttons it just says “Invalid Pin”. Anyone have any success getting a V3 Iris keypad to work properly?

The V3 device behaves differently from the V2 devices. From the release post above:

I’m a bit confused here regarding the lack of a pin for arming on the V3, by simply tapping the On or Partial key. The V2 also has this feature, but it has to be activated when using SHM Delay by adding a user pin 0000. This is because the keypad hardware sends 0000 as the pin when pressing the On or Partial key without entering a pin.

Are you saying the V3 cant be armed using pin numbers? Auto arming without a pin something I won’t use, since anyone with access to the keypad is able to arm the system.


The keypad does not use codes for Arming (away or partial).
However if SHM Delay requires a pin we can have the DTH report 0000 as the default pin when armed using this keypad model.

This won’t impact the functionality of other apps such as Lock User Managment or SmartLocks and they will continue to work (i.e. direct arming without pin codes but need a pin code to disarm)

Do note however that the keypad does not accept or report a pin while arming as this is how the hardware is designed.

I don’t like the fact that anyone can arm the system. It makes no sense to me.

This contradicts the device’s product description

  • Arm and disarm your Iris smart home security system with personalized access codes for several users
  • Receive alerts from Iris when a user arms or disarms your system

I’d say that being able to have PIN-less arming is fine as I don’t see a disadvantage other than a child doing it and causing the sirens to go off and so on. Granted you might want to know who armed it but really all you probably care about is that it is armed.

In other news, I just dumped the V2 Centralite and got the V3 iMagic GreatStar (really, WTF?). It’s acting odd (misbehaving and seems to have a poor connection) for me with the @RBoy DTH but I’ll need to collect some more data and possibly do a reset before I comment further.

@maddie I’m having little to no joy with the Iris v3 Keypad. I did a reset and the behavior is the same afterwards so something is funny…either I am doing something wrong, there is something up with the way that the keypad is working with Lock User Manager, or maybe a bad unit.

I did the join per the updated instructions at the top of the thread. Unit blinks blue, I pair, and then I set the battery option (Alkaline). To keep it simple I am using the latest Lock User Management for these tests and I set up a new user that is only applicable to the keypad and at the bottom of the user profile I select the Custom actions/notifications and have Unlock Actions options “Disarm SHM” and “Control SHM” as well as Lock Actions options “Arm SHM to Away” and “Control SHM” all enabled and that is it. At this point the battery light glows green, the Iris logo purple, and the pairing light is off when I wave my hand in front of the keypad. In the IDE, I get motion active events. All is seemingly good.

DTH Use:
From the device view, if I press either the Beep or Alarm button, the device responds as expected. I can also see the current temp and battery without issue. If I do a lock, the SHM tells me it is Armed (Stay). If I do an unlock, the SHM tells me it is Disarmed. Seems good so far.

Keypad Use:
With the SHM Disarmed, I press the On button on the keypad and SHM tells me it is Armed (Away) and the DTH shows Locked. I then enter the user code and Off but nothing appears in the logs except some Motion Active events. I also notice that the On, Partial, and Off buttons all blink red at the same time. This seemed odd to me but after some period of time (or keystrokes, not sure) I tried it again and it disarmed. I tried this a few times and each time, the On button works immediately and the Off button does seemingly nothing. No errors in the IDE for the DTH or LUM. At some random point later, the unlock does work.

I’m at a loss. It’s like the keypad goes into some mode and has to do a reset before it will talk to the hub again or something but I just don’t know.

When all 3 lights (On, Partial and Off) are blinking, this means the keypad has lost communication with the zigbee mesh. This is confirmed by your first statement that nothing appears in the logs. If the keypad is connected to the mesh you should always see a log entry, even if the code is invalid. We internally refer to this as a “stuck” keypad.
There are a few ways to “unstuck” the keypad (i.e. resume communication with the mesh)

  1. Bring the keypad closer to the hub
  2. Remove the battery from the keypad for a few seconds and then re-insert it (this forces it to reestablish a connection). Then tap the refresh tile on your ST mobile app to resync the settings
  3. Finally reboot the hub and check your ZigBee mesh repeaters or maybe add one

The v3 keypad is little more sensitive to the mesh than the v2. I’ll also update the instructions in the first post to reflect to how handle a “stuck” keypad which has lost comms.

Ok, I did the refresh. I’ll see if that has any long term help.

It’s not encouraging if it’s losing signal as it is about 10 feet from the hub and about 3 feet from a Halo device. I like the look of the newer one but I may have to go back to the v2 if it’s a constant thing. And by chance I happened to do a reboot Friday due to replacing the batteries in the hub.

Also I still think it’s odd that On/arm always seems to work reliably as well as the beep and slarm but who knows.

So seems like the latest rev of the DTH, 01.05.04, is working much better with the v3 IRiS keypad, at least for me.

One thing that I noticed when messing with the Panic button is that if you clear the panic, which is doing an disarm / unlock, the Panic state doesn’t reset as visible in the app. You have to go into the ST app and click on the button.

Could you tweak the code to add the ability to clear the panic after a disarm / unlock? This would (apparently, from some testing I was just doing) allow it to work seamlessly with the Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures app to trigger and silence the panic alarm from the keypad.

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This would be awesome!!!

Also - what is the size difference between V2 and V3? I am hoping that V3 is smaller in order to fit inside a weatherproof box outside.

Well, if you look at the top of the thread you’ll see a summary and pics from @RBoy but sadly other than being a bit more sleek and rounded looking it’s almost the same size (approx. 3 1/8” x 4 7/8”). But, it does allow you to use regular batteries instead of the expensive CR123 ones which is a plus and the button layout is better. So cosmetic mostly. But since the v2 is on its way out you can also get it for much cheaper at Lowe’s. One negative that I have experienced is that the v3 connectivity seems to be not as great as the v2. It seems to drop its ZigBee connection and take time to regain it.

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I peeked and the change was pretty simple:

if ((device.currentValue("button") == "pushed") && (map.value == "unlocked")) clearPanic()		// Clearn panic alarm if it was triggered

This would be after line 1208 in createCodeEntryEvent(). It’s probably unnecessary to check to see if the panic was already going as you could assume you blindly want to clear it but security-wise I guess you never know was my thought.

Works nicely to stop the panic alarm for all sirens - as long as you’re using the @RBoy Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures app or similar to stop all the sirens.

We’re looking various options on how/when to reset the panic. Different keypads process this differently. The v3, for example, also triggers an alarm. The v2 doesn’t. Some keypads don’t have panic triggers while others reset the panic button themselves.

We’re also looking at how to support apps that use the panic event but don’t use the lock/unlock or the arm/disarm features. Some folks just the keypad just for the panic button and nothing else to trigger an alarm. One suggestion we’re looking (which has also been used with regular Locks) is to have the panic button reset itself after a predefined period (e.g. 1 minute), so it can be re-triggered.

Yeah, the complexities of a single DTH with disparate devices I suppose.

If you want to have the panic button reset after a time that is OK since the sirens usually only run for like a max of 3 minutes on ST if I recall. But I personally wouldn’t enable it as if there were any emergency I wouldn’t want it to stop unless I did it or, hah, whoever claims the body. Maybe a timer that ensures the sirens are still running (or if not, restarts them) until the panic is cancelled?

For clarity, the Panic button and Siren and are separate features. The siren will never be turned off until the user manually turns it off of as a SmartApp turn it off (for keypads that support sirens).

The reset as I understand is purely for the “display” notification that the panic button was pressed on the keypad, which is currently done manually by the user.

Right, they are separate but at least on the v3 IRiS keypad, the panic forces the siren (or actually I think the panic sends a status and the DTH sends 0700 which fires the internal alarm). If you either press the panic button in the ST app or do the same in code as mentioned above, this clears the panic and that also stops the alarm. I’m actually not sure if you could have a panic on the v3 keypad without introducing a new setting that in effect turns off the 0700 status…but I’m no expert.

Did you figure this out? I’m having the same issue. Keypad is working ok, but I can adjust these settings and save out.