[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

SWEEET!!! :grin: Got it working!!! Thanks so much! I did not realize the Intrusion Alert with Actions Smart App could control STHM! EDIT: I did need the virtual switches to sync the keypads with STHM status along with autmoations. Got everything working finally!

Thanks so much @RBoy!!!
This really helped save me some money since ADT SmartThings is being discontinueed…

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This may be a basic question but I cannot see the newly paired Xfinity keypad under rental lock automater as one of the locks. I am trying to setup the Xfinity xhk1 keypad as the keypad for my myq garage door opener and sync it up with the other locks in the house so guests can plug in their code to open the garage door.

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 02.00.02

  • Fix for some device settings Save button not working after SmartThings mobile app update
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