[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

Does this work on the new SmartThings app? I have been using my own app for the longest time but without routines or access to Scenes I’m not sure how I’m going to make my keypad work anymore…

For the basic lock capabilities, yes, but I know @RBoy and his team are actively working on more with the new app. Stay tuned.

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Brought the XHK1-UE and will buy your Device Handler when it arrives :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see how it will work out for me :slight_smile:

Since moving to the new Smarthings app I have been having issues with my Iris v2 keypad. I am running Device Handler 1.10.2 and using LUM v07.13.07. When I use the keypad, it beeps when inputting some numbers, then stops beeping on any key presses. The Keypad changes to Locked status in the Device Information, but usually will not unlock with keypad.

It also in not Syncing with Smartthings Home Monitor on the Security Status. I have tried removing and adding devices multiple times, no luck.Has anyone seen this issue?

I am successfully using my Iris V2 keypad to arm and disarm STHM using the virtual switch method described earlier in this thread. However, is there a way to have the PARTIAL key set a switch? I would like to use this to set Armed Stay in SHTM.

A way to use the PANIC or * buttons would be a bonus. Could the additional switches be surfaced in the DTH? (It currently shows one button in the IDE.)

EDIT: I have migrated to the new app and am on a v3 hub.

You can use LUM to set a custom action for each button (Away, Stay/Partial, Night) from the Keypad lock actions page.
Panic button depends on the keypad model. If your model supports it it’ll be available to the Automations tool in the new app and you can assign actions to it from there when it’s “pressed”.

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Thanks! Don’t know how I missed that one… in any case, I have the Partial button setting STHM Armed Stay, and the Panic button turns on the outside lights.

@RBoy, @maddie ,

I am using this device handler and the LUM, but the keypads always show “Checking status…” in the new ST app. THey work fine with arm/disarm/etc., but curious how do I get it to show up without that status message on the ST dashboard? If I open the keypad in ST, everything looks fine except for the contact sensor shows offline.

Okay so i got my keypad today, and i got the keypad to arm and disarm my STHM, but how do i make the entry/exit beeping?

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 02.00.00

  • (New) Exclusive support for the new ST app
  • (New) Support for ST Automation tool
  • (New) Custom UI for each keypad showing only features specific to the brand/model
  • (New) Synchronize lock state when arming mode is changed
  • (Fix) Minor fix for XHK keypad generating random motion events

IMG_7029 IMG_7027 IMG_7028

NOTE : You may need to exclude your keypad, delete the DTH and reinstall it for the changes to take effect.


Hi @RBoy,

All seems to be ok, but I am getting this when tapping to play a sound:

Are you sure the XF XHK1 doesn’t have motion detection?! Your post seems to contradict itself. The picture of the feature matrix says no but the image of the front end in Smart Things shows it does?

Hi there. The XHK1 doesn’t report motion sensor activity reliably so the table is correct (thank you for letting us know, we’ve fixed the image). Also please note that the it’s more of a proximity sensor (it activates if you’re within a few inches of the keypad). You can use it to detect if someone is operating the keypad and is different from tamper feature which indicates that someone has removed the keypad from its mount. You can use this feature to notify you if someone approaches the keypad while your system is armed (e.g. based on the STHM mode or the hub mode depending on your setup) with the help of the SmartThings Automation tool or an app like this one: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

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