[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

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I am using this device handler and the LUM, but the keypads always show “Checking status…” in the new ST app. THey work fine with arm/disarm/etc., but curious how do I get it to show up without that status message on the ST dashboard? If I open the keypad in ST, everything looks fine except for the contact sensor shows offline.

Okay so i got my keypad today, and i got the keypad to arm and disarm my STHM, but how do i make the entry/exit beeping?

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 02.00.00

  • (New) Exclusive support for the new ST app
  • (New) Support for ST Automation tool
  • (New) Custom UI for each keypad showing only features specific to the brand/model
  • (New) Synchronize lock state when arming mode is changed
  • (Fix) Minor fix for XHK keypad generating random motion events

IMG_7029 IMG_7027 IMG_7028

NOTE : You may need to exclude your keypad, delete the DTH and reinstall it for the changes to take effect.


Hi @RBoy,

All seems to be ok, but I am getting this when tapping to play a sound:

Are you sure the XF XHK1 doesn’t have motion detection?! Your post seems to contradict itself. The picture of the feature matrix says no but the image of the front end in Smart Things shows it does?

Hi there. The XHK1 doesn’t report motion sensor activity reliably so the table is correct (thank you for letting us know, we’ve fixed the image). Also please note that the it’s more of a proximity sensor (it activates if you’re within a few inches of the keypad). You can use it to detect if someone is operating the keypad and is different from tamper feature which indicates that someone has removed the keypad from its mount. You can use this feature to notify you if someone approaches the keypad while your system is armed (e.g. based on the STHM mode or the hub mode depending on your setup) with the help of the SmartThings Automation tool or an app like this one: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

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I was able to successfully pair an Iris v2 Keypad, however once I see the device in my SmartThings app the wireless icon on the keypad continues to blink. I’m not sure if it is supposed to, and my understanding is that it would remain solid green to say that it pairs successfully. I see that the motion and tamper and buttons trigger my app to update, but I’m worried that the light constantly blinking will drain the batteries real quick (CR123A are expensive!)

When I took the batteries out, and then back in, the wireless icon light is no longer on, and none of the keypad buttons makes any sounds anymore. The app sees that the keypad is online, but the motion or tamper is no longer updating (it always shows motion detected and tamper detected).

I took out the batteries again, and now the keypad buttons work (a sound when buttons are pressed), wireless icon is not lit, and app still not update motion or tamper properly (remains on constantly)

I am using v. 02.00.00

It sounds like a weak battery or a mesh problem. Try changing the battery and adding a ZigBee repeater to reduce packet loss.

Thanks, I’ll try new batteries. Would that mean I have to delete the device and try repairing them?

The keypads were paired within a couple feet of the hub though, so I’m not sure it’s a mesh problem. (I have 3 of them :grin:)

I just wanted to verify with you that the new DH should still be working in the new ST’s app.

BTW - I’ve followed you since the very beginning, and I know you have a NDA but I hope that Samsung will implement the good changes sooner than later as I am excited to see what they are…

It works fine with the new app, see details above:

What you’re experiencing is a hardware/mesh issue and not related to the DTH or ST app.

I’ve managed to add 2 of the keypads so that the network icon stays solid green, but one of them keeps blinking even after successfully being connected to the app. I basically kept deleting them and repairing them until the lights stays on. But only one was not able to stop blinking, even though I bought brand new Energizer CR123A lithium batteries.

I checked in IDE and found that the 2 that I was able to pair are in firmware 0x140B5310, and the one that the light keeps blinking seems to be an older 0x11005310 firmware. This would make sense as I got this keypad from a family member and the device has been powered off for a while. Is there anyway to force it to update? I keep clicking check now but it will not update

Also, when successfully pairing, (whether network light stays on or keeps blinking), none of the buttons has sounds when you press them like it does before pairing. I don’t know if that’s an issue, but it seems to be communicating with the hub just fine (I used LUM and deleted all the codes, and now in process of adding the users again). Do I have to use it in tandem with the Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors smart app to get the buttons to have sounds once again?

Also, do you have a way to add delays when entering/exiting when arming? I don’t want to get intrusion alerts every time a door is opened when the STHM is armed.

I looked into SHM delay v 2.0 but not working at all.

See this app:

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SWEEET!!! :grin: Got it working!!! Thanks so much! I did not realize the Intrusion Alert with Actions Smart App could control STHM! EDIT: I did need the virtual switches to sync the keypads with STHM status along with autmoations. Got everything working finally!

Thanks so much @RBoy!!!
This really helped save me some money since ADT SmartThings is being discontinueed…

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This may be a basic question but I cannot see the newly paired Xfinity keypad under rental lock automater as one of the locks. I am trying to setup the Xfinity xhk1 keypad as the keypad for my myq garage door opener and sync it up with the other locks in the house so guests can plug in their code to open the garage door.

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 02.00.02

  • Fix for some device settings Save button not working after SmartThings mobile app update
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I have an Iris v3 iL02_1 which has been mounted outside, on the side of the garage door and it’s protected from the elements by a plastic rain cover ( Amazon.com: Yiphates Plastic Rain Cover Universal Type Doorbell Waterproof Cover Doorbell Rain Cover Waterproof Shell for Door Access/Attendance Machine/Doorbell Chime: Home & Kitchen ). It works great (using Rboy’s LUM and Enhanced ZigBee Keypad DTH), but it goes through the batteries very fast… a fresh set of batteries only lasts a few days, maybe at most 1 week.

There is nothing in front of it that would trigger the motion sensor to come on. I do see the battery light come on periodically (or remain on), but I’m not sure what’s causing it to do that. I just ran some tests and if I put it on a table inside, it behaves like I’d expect — battery light stays off. It seems that the sun light is causing the keypad to not “sleep”. Anyone else experience this? Is there a solution?

Thank you!

I haven’t but maybe black out the cover you have over it and see if that helps the situation.

@RBoy , is there any Zwave Keypad your recommend/support?

I love your apps, and would love to use a zwave keypad for my garage door.

My whole house is zwave, hence the strong preference over zigbee

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Ring Gen 2