[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

I bought the Iris 2 and pairing was easy based on your step by step .
the only thing is that the wifi is blinking and I tried to push the tamper button 5 times with no success .
I tried to remove the batteries but it disconnected the device and I needed to exclude it and pair it again
Any idea how to make it stop blinking ?

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 01.09.06

  • Added support for more capabilities in the new ST app
  • Added support for Chinese ZigBee button

NOTE: You will need to delete and reinstall the device handler for the UI changes to take effect in the new ST app

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Looking for some help with some Iris keypads I have using the Rboy DH. I essentially want the panic button to turn some lights, a push notification, and a siren on via webcore. When I go to select which “button” on the keypad is held, I just have a list of 30 buttons or so.

Having no idea which number button in webcore is the panic button, I tried both selecting all of them, and trying “if any button” is held to trigger lights and an additional siren. Neither method works, so maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

I think you should use Pressed or Pushed and not Held since the keypad reports a button push. If you’re using new ST app automation you can add an if condition, select the keypad and then select Pressed as a condition. Alternatively you can use Intruder Alert with Actions to create an action for when the Panic button is pushed.

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I feel it’s worth mentioning since it doesn’t seem to be said at all here and you won’t find out until you try to install this device handler - this DH is not free.

Currently it’s $40 USD for lifetime access (to all of their other apps as well including those mentioned here). Just something to be aware of before you go out and start buying keypads :slight_smile:

A quick update, with the latest version of LUM, RLA and Lock/Unlock Actions, if you’re using a ZigBee keypad, now you can set a keypad lock or unlock action (in LUM/RLA) to toggle a switch like a garage door opener or a light.


I was curious if there are any sources to buy new Keypads that will work with the Rboy Keypad Device Handler and the Rboy Intruder app? I have searched all over and it looks like you can’t find any of the old LOWES IRIS ones anymore, Centralite does not appear to be selling them (I saw a few used ones on-line but I hate buying used electronics) and I called Xfinity and they won’t sell a new keypad unless you subscribe to their home automation offering.

You pretty much have to get them from eBay. None of these keypads are produced anymore. I can’t recall the last time anyone mentioned they got a bad keypad from eBay. Mine was a UEI for $20. It looked new and works great. I’ve had it for about a year now.

Ok, I have the DH installed and the keypad is paired. I also have LUM and intruder alert with actions. I’m not entirely sure how to utilize the keypad with the DH. I have a schlage z-wave lock. In LUM, I have selected both the keypad (centralite-c) and the lock. I can’t find where I configure the buttons or actions of the keypad). Also in LUM, I have both the keypad and the lock configured the same (meaning not controlled independently). When I use the keypad and enter a user code when the door is locked, I get a notification that the keypay was unlocked…but nothing happens. How do I set what unlocking the keypad actually does? My goal is really to use the keypad as a security arm/disarm option where LUM will disarm intruder alert if you enter via the schlage lock…and I want to place the keypad near the garage where the keypad will disarm the system if you enter near the garage. I hope all that makes sense @RBoy you have some great apps/DHs

You can define custom actions for the keypad buttons under the Lock/Unlock Actions page -> Keypad Lock Actions (away, night stay) and Keyoad Unlock actions (disarm).

However, if you’re looking to control Intruder Alert with Actions using a keypad, see the step by step guide on the first post for this page: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 01.10.00

  • Added support for the Scout keypad
    • A small touch screen keypad (see first post for comparative details).
    • Uses 2 x CR123A batteries
    • Has two arming modes, Lock (away) and Sleep (Stay).
    • Does not have a panic button or a built in alarm or chime
    • Does have a tamper notification and proximity (motion) sensor
    • Has very interesting feature where you can set it to lock/arm without a user pin (i.e. one touch direct arming) or with a user pin. This setting can be changed from the device settings page


@Madpup the Scout keypad can be bought from Scout or from Amazon for about $50

That looks pretty sweet, although I do wish it had an alarm. I assume it is restricted to 4 digits like the others, right?

Care to comment on the overall usability compared to the others?

You can see the comparative feature tables and picture comparing it to other keypads at the bottom of the first post.

Two striking things about the keypad, it’s has a very sensitive touch panel which makes it super sleek and it much smaller compared to the other keypads. It’s as thick as the IRIS v3 but half the height/width - comparative picture in the first post.

The really nice feature we liked about this keypad was the option to enable/disable the user pin for locking the keypad (Arming). This opens up options for how you want to use it, place it somewhere for a quick arm or place it outside and enable the 4 digit user pin.

I just purchased a Schlage BE468GBAK I am trying to use the Enhanced ZigBee DH and then the LUM smart app. I installed both the DH and SA and then paired my BE468 lock. As soon as I change the device handler for the lock to your enhanced DH, I can change the codes via LUM, but I cannot control the lock from the smartthings app, and also cannot have it automatically lock via a webcore piston. As soon as I change the DH back to the original one, I can lock/unlock from the smartthings app, but then I cannot program any more codes from LUM. I tried changing the name in the DH from “Enhanced ZigBee…” to just the plain “ZigBee Lock” and no change. I also noticed that when I use your DH, it shows the temperature as -532.3* (not sure if it’s just a glitch or if the lock even has a temperature sensor on it)

BE468 is a lock and it uses a zwave module (see the list of ZigBee keypads for this DTH in the first post). You are probably looking for this zwave lock device handler: [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler

This DTH is not for locks but keypads. ZigBee locks use the stock ZigBee Lock DTH.

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I have the BE468GBAK though which is a zigbee device, not a zwave device.

What is the DTH that ST assigned it? Was it “Zigbee Lock”?

Yes it was

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In RBoy’s handler, try changing “name” in the metadata section to “Zigbee Lock”. It should look like this after you make that change:

definition (name: "ZigBee Lock", namespace: "rboy", author: "RBoy Apps", mnmn: "SmartThings", ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.smartlock")

That change also should allow that lock to work with ST’s Smart Lock Guest Access smartapp within the new mobile app.

Give that a shot and see if you can control that lock within ST?

I tried that. It now let’s me add/change codes from the LUM, but I cant lock/unlock from ST