[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

Seems to be working here as expected. I would check if any other apps are connected to the keypad which may be arming SHM. You can check the Live logs and PM me the results, it’ll show what’s going on. The only other things to check is that you’re in the latest version of LUM

Actually it looks like it was a duplicate version of LUM which was causing the system to arm. I had multiple installed because I was trying to get the single IL021 to chime for all doors. Is there a different way to have it chime for all doors? Or do I need to duplicate the delay settings on each LUM app? I installed everything today so I assume they are latest versions. Thanks!

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Right now it’s one sensor per lock for chiming.

This is a common request so we are working on a new app just for chiming/doors bells which will support multiple sensors and be a lot more flexible. It will have many more features like audio notifications and lots more than just a simple chime.

Subscribe to our Facebook page and you’ll get a notification once the app is released along with the details.

Ok thanks for the quick responses. One additional question - I’m not seeing an option for an entry delay, am I missing it? Would like to not activate the SHM alert unless it’s not deactivated in 2min for example.

Classic SHM doesn’t support an entry delay. You will need to create a workaround with a virtual setup using SHM Delay or use a Security system app which natively supports Entry and Exit Delays like Intruder Alert With Actions:

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For using this device as a Chime, this is a more appropriate app than LUM. It’s designed to handler multiple sensors (and chimes) and do a lot many more types of notifications:

For those looking for weatherproof plastic mounting boxes to work with the UEI/Xfinity XHK1, I settled on the Arlington DBK88W and DBK88C. I really wanted to use the 5" square version but the XHK1 measures an 1/8" too big.


I’m not sure if this was brought up in any of the previous posts, but Centralite filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in March 2019. ( https://staceyoniot.com/centralite-has-filed-for-chapter-7-bankruptcy/ ).

I’m in the market for a new Keypad (I have a Iris V2 keypad which gives me a lot of issues) and I have a friend looking to build his system from scratch very soon. What keypad should we get? I feel like I don’t want one from a company that went bust and can no longer support, if needed.

Are the TCH / UEI / Xfinity keypads the only ones left? or did Centralite somehow make them too? Does it even matter?

Thanks for the help!

I don’t think it really matters as they all pretty much work the same way and only support 4-digit codes. The fact that the company isn’t around isn’t much of a factor since you’re not going to get any support from them anyhow. I would just see what you can get the best deal on from eBay or wherever and go with that. I’m using the Iris v3 (iL02_1) and it has been working nicely with the RBoy DTH and LUM. I also like it because it uses regular AA batteries and has a panic button and the keypad layout is easy to figure out. I’ve never used the UEI/Xfinity XHK1 but from some picks I have seen it looks thick.

I wish the 2Gig keypad PAD1 or the touchscreen TS1 would work with ST but they require their own components I believe as does the August keypad (Bluetooth I believe). Another potential option could be to have a wall mounted tablet and use something like ActionTiles but I’m not sure if there is a virtual keypad capability. In the end I just went with the iL02 and thanks to support from RBoy it has been flawless for the last 6 months.

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I agree that the Xfinity keypad looks bulky. And I wish there were more keypads available to choose from!

The reasons I believed it did matter were the following :

  1. I thought that when there were issues with the DTH, centralite worked with the DTH’s coders to fix the issue. (doesn’t RBoy say he is partnered with Centralite?) (ex: Smartthings messed with their internal code and the centralite DTH needed fixing not too
    long ago…)

  2. Eventually all of the unopened units out there will be bought and I don’t like using used units. If all other Keypad manufacturers aren’t “open to working with Z-wave/zigbee controllers that aren’t their own”, I kind of feel like this is the end of the DIY
    security system. Why buy into ST (or any other open controller) with the intent of it being your security system when eventually you won’t have components (in this case a keypad) to replace broken/old ones…

Perhaps I’m wrong. You can still buy a CHEAP android tablet and use that as a virtual keypad (con there is it needs to stay plugged in). Also, who is to say another company won’t start making keypads to fill the void…

I can keep my Iris v2 a little longer in hopes another company will release a great keypad… For my friend who is building his system from scratch, I’m going to see if he has a old tablet /cellphone laying around. If not, I’ll tell him the get the Iris v3.

Unless of course there are any other suggestions…

I wish there was a weatherproof version that could be used for garage doors and arming/disarming before you enter the home.

EDIT: Side by side detailed comparison of the keypads in the first post

Nothing like looking at the real stuff and/or some data points. A few comparisons of the some of the keypad models. The Centralite retail model is used here for comparison (dimension wise it’s similar to the Xfinity Centralite, features are slightly different)

The IRIS v3 is big (but it also has a LOUD siren), the Centralite is the thickest and the XHK is the thinnest (personal favorite and IMHO the sleekest/lowest profile). Feel free to share your thoughts.

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I’ve been looking for a second keypad, but now I haven’t been able to find anything. When is the new centralite keypad coming out, and how much are they selling it for?

Wow! Thanks for the side by side comparison. I was mistaken. So you’d recommend the XHK keypad? Gotcha. I’ll forward to my friend and when I’m ready I’ll get it myself.

Centralite went bankrupt in March 2019… That’s what got me to come here and comment in the first place since I thought they made most of the keypads out there. So there won’t be anymore new Centralite keypads unless someone bought the name/IP to restart the brand.

I think someone will develop another keypad… It’s a void in the market now.

One of the most common questions we receive from users is around mounting the keypad in an outdoor enclosure in extreme weather to keep it safe from the elements.

Each keypad behaves differently in the enclosure. We do NOT recommend using the IRIS v3 (IL021) with an enclosure since it seems to constantly trigger the motion sensor. However in out tests the other keypads (IRIS v2, Xfinity XHK1, Xfinity Centratlite and Centralite Retail) do reasonable well with outdoor coverings. Do keep in mind that when using a covering it may interfere with the motion sensor and accuracy of the temperature sensor.

Here is an examples of a simple gang box covering with a clear lid that can be used as a keypad covering for outside for about $8


I purchased some keypads and I can’t figure out how to do what I want.

I’d like to be able to just type in the code and have it toggle my garage door (I am a WebCoRE+RBoy user by the way, and also have Schlage zwave door locks). Ideally it would accept any codes that are programmed in my door lock.

I can open the garage with (code) and close it with (disarm button + code), but I was hoping to only have to enter the code.

I see that if I enter a wrong code, the lock handler sends an invalid code status… and I was able to modify that so that it sends the code instead of just “invalid code”. I can then check for that code in WebCoRE, which “sort of” works…WebCoRE fires the piston more than once with a "invalidCode changes to " or "invalidCode stays "… and of course I have the problem of having to put the codes into WebCoRE.

I use Rental Lock Automator and I’d love my guests to be able to type their code into this keypad which would be placed outside the garage in order to toggle the garage open or closed.

Any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

Hi there It depends on which keypad you’re using. Most keypads can send successive lock (arm) and unlocked (disarm) events, the Iris v3 however requires an unlock (disarm) for every lock (arm).

If you’re using a non Iris v3 Keypad, have you considered having WebCoRE or CoRE trigger when the keypad is unlocked ? When a valid user code is entered (disarm) it sends an unlocked event, you can simply use that to toggle your switch.

EDIT: For the benefit of those using CoRE or WebCoRE. You can subscribe to the keypad unlocked event from WebCoRE and within that event, under the data section you’ll find the the variable codeName which contains the name of the user who unlocked the keypad.

Thanks Maddie. I got a XHK1-UE.

The issue is that WebCoRE seems to de-dupe events- so the triggers of ‘changes’ or ‘changes to (disarmed)’ don’t fire. I got this working by using the trigger “Keypad’s armMode stays ‘disarmed’ for 1 second.” Odd, but it works. I’m going to send you an email with an additional DH enhancement that I made that you may want to add in :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing two issues with my Iris v2 keypad. I have the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad DH v01.09.00 installed.

1st when I try to change the settings in Smartthings Classic App I constantly get the following error.

What am I missing?

I’m also using LUM v07.09.04 with Intruder Alert with Actions v04.02.00. I keep getting notifications of keypad tampering. I know this is because of the bad design of the tamper button on the back. But is there a way to disable the tamper SMS notification? I’m not really concerned about getting tamper via SMS.