[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad - Centralite Keypad, Lowes IRIS Keypad, UEI Keypad and Xfinity Keypad Device Handler

EDIT: A workaround for the ST Android app bug has been published in v01.09.04. It also fixes an issue with temperature offset not being applied in some cases

Just got my xhk1-ue (thanks for the link) and my subscription to http://rboyapps.com/ and everything is working GREAT within 10 mins!! Now I just have to find a weatherproof housing that fits (It a little to big for the one posted…) any ideas??

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I’m planing to buy one of those keypad (Which one is the most reliable ?)
Currently I’m using Intruder Alert With action smart app to set the security status (changes modes ).
Will it be possible to make a beep (or another sound ) from the keypad when Entry/exit delay happening ?

Hey there. I just responded to your note. The XHK is an excellent choice for operating devices and custom keypad controls but the Iris v2 has a built in siren and a more sophisticated beeper.

See this post

Thanks a lot @maddie

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I bought the Iris 2 and pairing was easy based on your step by step .
the only thing is that the wifi is blinking and I tried to push the tamper button 5 times with no success .
I tried to remove the batteries but it disconnected the device and I needed to exclude it and pair it again
Any idea how to make it stop blinking ?

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock - Version 01.09.06

  • Added support for more capabilities in the new ST app
  • Added support for Chinese ZigBee button

NOTE: You will need to delete and reinstall the device handler for the UI changes to take effect in the new ST app

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Looking for some help with some Iris keypads I have using the Rboy DH. I essentially want the panic button to turn some lights, a push notification, and a siren on via webcore. When I go to select which “button” on the keypad is held, I just have a list of 30 buttons or so.

Having no idea which number button in webcore is the panic button, I tried both selecting all of them, and trying “if any button” is held to trigger lights and an additional siren. Neither method works, so maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

I think you should use Pressed or Pushed and not Held since the keypad reports a button push. If you’re using new ST app automation you can add an if condition, select the keypad and then select Pressed as a condition. Alternatively you can use Intruder Alert with Actions to create an action for when the Panic button is pushed.

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