[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat Device Handler with Z-Wave Plus

You sure CoRE isn’t changing/forcing modes? If it’s just setting the temperature then this is what the thermostat is reporting back to the hub. Don’t know why it would do that.

Yup. I’m sure. My CoRE piston is only sending changing set points based on time schedule and virtual switch criteria:

Does this DH support the Go Control Z-Wave (GC-TBZ48) thermostat?

Yes it should work fine. If you have the signature for this model, please PM it to me (My Devices -> your thermostat -> Raw Description) , will include it in the DH.

I have a CT-101, and have also noticed that it gets set to “emergencyHeat” from time to time. Like @lflorack, I only have a single stage heating / cooling, so the only modes that should be applicable are heat, cool, and off.

Also, I’ve noticed that the mode reported in ST is sometimes out of sync with the mode the thermostat is actually in, and once that happens I cannot successfully change the mode from ST. If I physically go over to the thermostat and cycle through the modes with its mode button, ST will sync back up correctly and then I can control it remotely again.

That’s a bug with the ST firmware hub but they appear to be refusing to acknowledging it. See the posts above. Report it to ST support so they can investigate it. I don’t have much hopes at this point as they refuse to support the community and will likely blame the app even though the part controlling the mode is identical to the base ST thermostat code.

Anyways the local fix is given here the long term fix will however be for ST to fix their firmware. This issue started after the Oct firmware update.

Darn, I noticed it recently also that communication just stops or we get less updates from the thermostat. Luckily I knew about the reset button and have just been hitting that but it happens often enough that its really annoying now. Especially when I want to change the temperature in the middle of the night and it doesn’t work. I was hoping it was a problem with the device handler and was going to give yours a shot but looks like its a firmware issue, it worked perfectly fine till the last few months :frowning:

Please report it to ST support so they can diagnose it and isolate the problem. @Aaron FYI please

@RBoy. Do disconnections happen less if you have the ‘C’ wire connected and therefore haven’t configured the thermostat to communicate with the ST hub less? I use the ‘C’ wire and haven’t seen any disconnects yet (now I’ve done it!).

Thanks for this! I’m currently using a handful of your device handlers and smart apps. Worth every penny!

Quick question. Is it possible to get a cool history graph similar to the nest-manager? Something like this: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/images/thumb/7/79/Nm_thermostat_ss_2.png/337px-Nm_thermostat_ss_2.png


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You’re very welcome and thanks for your support. This is a neat idea, will
explore it. Do note that HTML tiles are a beta feature from ST and don’t
work well on all phones so will need to see how it turns out.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response!

@RBoy: After update to Android Smartthings App V2.3 the Thermostat DH doesn’t show the target temp for cooling and heating. Any ideas to fix this? Please…
On the left side are only two blank fields. The iphone app still shows the temperature.


Sorry missed this. Yes it does happen with the C wire also, have seen in it in the lab.

Will check it out, may take a few days to get back as we have ordered a new Android phone. The last BETA version release by ST had it working so don’t know if they changed something between the BETA and production release.

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Thanks. Could reproduce this with different Android phones and different Android versions.

Please let me know if you could fix it.


I am seeing the same behavior.

Thanks for the great work here @RBoy. Bought the server code, tried pasting into new SmartApp in latest versions of both Safari and Chrome (Mac), but getting a code error on Paste > Save. Scrolling through replies above but do not see mentioned.

FWIW, I do have a CT101 which is fully paired and working (after working with ST support):

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Same after the ST update, no temp icons on my S6. Nice work though ST screws with you, thank you!

@clifster check the instructions. I think you’re using the wrong instructions. It’s a device
handler and not a smart app. Or it’s a copy paste error.