[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Device Handler - Honeywell, GoControl, CT, Linear, Trane, MCO, Remotec

Reverting back to the old code worked. Thanks.

That means there’s a bug in your ST phone app. Report it to ST support. It isn’t able to handle the new MultiAttributeTiles

###Z-Wave Thermostat with Temperature, Humidity and Auto Time setting - Version 2.4.8

  • Added a battery icon to make the UI look cleaner

###Z-Wave Thermostat with Temperature, Humidity and Auto Time setting - Version 2.5.0

  • Added support for v2 hub fingerprints, added more fingerprints
  • Added patch for bug in CT-XXX firmware, firmware prior to v9.x on CT-XXX thermostats set the wrong day of week

If you have a CT-XXX thermostat, after updating the code make sure you press the Configure button which will identify the firmware version and then adjust for the clock day of week correction if required.

###Z-Wave Thermostat with Temperature, Humidity and Auto Time setting - Version 2.5.1

  • Added fingerprints for Vivint CT-100 thermostat

Hi RBoy

Would this DH work with a Danfoss LC-13 Thermostat as being discussed in this thread

Or is that something completely different?

Unfortunately this DH won’t work with danfoss for a couple of reasons:

  1. The Danfoss is a sleepy device where as most other thermostats and this DH is built around the the design of beamable devices. The difference is sleepy devices sleep for most of the time and then wake up every X minutes/hours (this can be configured). Beamable devices on the other hand wake up every second to listen for incoming commands. This is hugely different because what that means is that sleep devices can only be communicated with every X minutes (minimum 10) or hours. So you have store all the commands and then send them out, ie. you can change your temperature in real time over z-wave. You’ll send the command and when the device wakes up next it’ll send the command. This is a huge difference and IMHO potentially a very limiting factor.
  2. The danfoss doesn’t support all the command classes this DH was designed to support, even basic ones like turning the Fan On/Auto/Circulate, settings the Operating mode (heating, cooling, auto etc). It only supports setting the heat but not cool temp (and delayed as pointed out above). I’m not a 100% from the classes if it supports reporting temp changes or if it needs to be polled (likely polled during a wakeup interval).

Am curious why buy the danfoss over say a CT-30 (very basic but fully functional thermostat with about a 1 year battery life when used with this DH)?

I found part of my answer is because this is a specialized radiator heating controller. To support this we could make a custom DH but I see that one already exist. Are you facing any issues with the community built DH?

Your right, this is radiator thermostats, so it’s diffents yes.

I dont have any yet, but looking into the options and consider investing in them. And from the other thread with the custom DH it sounded like there still are some bugs with it so I thought about your DH for Thermostats, but I understand there is a big difference

Ahoy! I just finally activated my smartthings v2 hub and 3 CT-30 thermostats.
I installed 2.5.1 from your site and it seems to work well, though I notice that only one of the thermostats is detected as a CT30 (model CT30e Revision C, branded Vivint).
The others have MSR 0098-1E12-015E (model CT30e Revision C1, unbranded) and MSR 0098-0001-001E (model CT30e, branded ‘APX Alarm’).
Do I need to add these fingerprints to the code?

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Yes if you can send the fingerprints and MSR codes we’ll add them to the database.

unbranded, revision C1:
zw:F type:0806 mfr:0098 prod:1E12 model:015E ver:8.07 zwv:3.28 lib:03 cc:20,81,87,72,31,40,42,44,45,43,86,70,80,85

APX Alarm branded, no revision number:
zw:L type:0806 mfr:0098 prod:0001 model:001E ver:5.00 zwv:2.78 lib:03 cc:20,81,87,72,31,40,42,44,43,86

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@RBoy Got a question for you. Does the auto mode in your DH use the actual auto mode supported in the CT-100? Or does it just switch back and forth from heat to cool mode. If the later, do you think it’s possible to support changing the mode to auto? I’d rather use the built in auto mode the CT-100 has.


Former, actual auto mode if the thermostat supports it.

Awesome, thanks!
Another question, although this might not be the right place for it. What’s the best way to keep these device types updated? For example, if you update with a bugfix, I won’t get updates on my devices unless I see it and go update the code. Is there a way to update automatically? Private github repo for example?

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@RBoy - I searched this forum but couldn’t find an answer sorry. See screenshot below - the Upstairs Thermostat is using your device handler, the other two are using the standard ST device handler. I prefer the look of the larger green font from the standard device handler. Is there a way to have your device handler use the same font?


The ° symbol can definitely be added (and will be done in the next version). The size and color are ST iOS rendering issues. This Enhanced DH uses the new multiAttributeTile layout. The ST app is the issue here, it is displaying the multiAttributeTiles different from the way it shows the old valueTiles. BTW this issue impacts the iOS ST app, it looks the same on the Android ST app. Report this issue on this page (along with your screenshot):

Noted on the degrees symbol, thanks. Reported the other issue as requested.

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###Z-Wave Thermostat with Temperature, Humidity and Auto Time setting - Version 2.5.2

  • Added the degree symbol to the temperature
  • Added support to check for updates for the device handler code