[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat (CT30/CT50/CT80/CT100/CT101/CT110/ZTS110/ZTS500/GoControl/Honeywell/Universal) Device Handler with Battery, Humidity, Lock Controls, Clock Set, Alarm, Swing/Temp, Deadband Configuration and Updated User Interface


(Jeff) #552

I noticed recently (the night of the switch from daylight savings time to standard time) that my CT-101 thermostat isn’t changing out of it overnight setting (heat setting change from 68 to 72). It also appears that the time on the thermostat hasn’t updated to reflect the new time of day. (It still shows as an hour ahead).

I use the 5-2 Smart app to set the schedule. It seems like something is amiss here, since an incorrect time setting shouldn’t cause the temp change to fail completely. If anything it should be happening an hour sooner than it should.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I just tried updating the device handler to the version reference just above my post to see if it makes any difference.

(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #553

I just checked and it’s working fine here.

The clock on the thermostat is just for display purposes and is purely cosmetic in nature. The DTH sends a clock synchronize command once every 24 hours to sync the display with the time on the hub . You can force it by clicking the refresh tile.
It’s completely unrelated to the SmartApps which run off the hub time.

However the common thing I see between them is that it looks like the commands aren’t reaching your thermostat or are being dropped in the mesh. There a lot of reasons for this but some common ones are: It’s best to run the thermostat on a C-Wire (requires re pairing) and have a repeater within 30ft or so. Rebooting the hub and doing a zwave repair once a month also helps fix mesh issues.

(Jeff) #554

OK - thanks. i will keep an eye on it now that I have updated to the latest version of the DH. It looks like the time is displaying correctly since that change.

For the C-wire, I don’t have a good option to get power to it, unfortunately.

I have a repeater (Iris Smart Plug) in the hallway near the thermostat, but I am not sure if it is functioning correctly.

If the issues continue after the update I just did, I will try the reboot and zwave repair.


(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #555

You may want to check our a Venstar system which can add an extra C wire to exiting setup without a running a new wire.

FYR, the IRIS Smart Plug doesn’t act like a reliable z-wave repeater even though it’s capable, rather it is also know to cause issues with the zwave mesh as reported by other folks on the forum.

(Jeff) #556

Thanks for that info - I will dig into both of those items (especially the Iris repeater comment).

There is already a device installed that adds a wire (or two?) - since we had a heat-only system and added AC later (after we bought our house). They installed something that provides the wire needed for cooling, but it didn’t add the C-wire. I took photos of this back when I installed the new thermostat, but I have to dig up the photo to get the details.


(Mark) #557

Is this still not functioning yet for the NEW SmartThings app? Excluded and Re-paired the CT101 to the hub with the Device Handler already added and I cant even see the Humidity or battery level. What am I doing wrong?