[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat (CT30/CT50/CT80/CT100/CT101/CT110/ZTS110/ZTS500/GoControl/Honeywell/Universal) Device Handler with Battery, Humidity, Lock Controls, Clock Set, Alarm, Swing/Temp, Deadband Configuration and Updated User Interface


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Those are issues with iOS Android app. It’s been reported to ST but feel
free to drop an email to ST support about the UI issues.

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Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat with Temperature, Humidity and Auto Time setting - Version 03.00.01

  • Updated attributes to match the new ST standards (PLEASE click Refresh to activate changes after updating code)
  • Improved syncing of Fan and HVAC operating status when settings are changed on the thermostat for non reporting thermostats
  • Support for more thermostat models
  • Remove configure button, now it’s automatic after a setting update
  • Support dynamic thermostat configuration without repairing, just click Refresh to detect new configuration

Enjoy your updated thermostat! :slight_smile:

(Clint) #413

Loaded up 3.00.00 and it seems that the “Quick Set Cooling Point” command from WebCore is no longer working. Had to change to “Set Cooling Point”.

Not even sure what the difference is, but I will have to pick through my pistons and make sure i am using the correct command.

Was there a change that can account for this?


(Uriel A Colon) #414

Thanks for the update RBOY,

Is their a way to resume schedule with this device handler?

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That is correct, it was done to harmonize with the latest ST standards. The new ST standard has replaced them with

setHeatingSetpoint(NUMBER setpoint)
setCoolingSetpoint(NUMBER setpoint)

However, you bring up a good point, we added the two old API’s back in for compatibility purposes (quickSetCool and quickSetHeat) so it won’t break existing custom actions, you can upgrade to 03.00.01

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The device handler doesn’t handle schedules, those are done by SmartApps like the 5-2 Day Scheduler.

(Clint) #417


Another observation on the 3.x release.

Before 3.x, I used to get almost immediate updates in logging, the ST app, Actiontiles and WebCore for my CT100 thermostat when a setpoint was changed at the thermostat or using Alexa, etc.

Now it seems to take a minute or two before I see the status come back. The weird thing is that my other thermostat (cheap GoControl) used to be that way in 2.x and I used WebCore to refresh. It now returns status much quicker that the CT100 without a refresh.

Might just be me imagining things, but thought I would bounce that off you any way.


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It’s probably your z-Wave setup which is changing the behavior. Try exclude and repairing your thermostat and doing a Z-Wave repair. It’s taking time to respond likely the network is losing the commands or getting busy.

(Peter Venlet) #420

I am having trouble locating the updated code on your site … I have a username and password

(Alix) #421

I recently noticed that my CT-101 is no longer reporting 0.5 degrees. My thermostat displays 73.5, but everything in ST is showing 74. I have verified that I have the reporting threshold set to 0.5.

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Browsers tend to cache the pages sometimes. Clear your cache and refresh
the page and it should show up

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Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat with Temperature, Humidity and Auto Time setting - Version 03.00.02

  • Added support for displaying current temperature with up to 0.1 degree precision when supported by thermostats

See previous post for major release details:

(Ernie) #424

Since updating, neither my routines or WebCore can change the cooling or heating setpoints on CT100.

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ST has changed the API’s for thermostat setpoints. While the old ones
(quickSetXX) should still work with the 03.00.01 or newer version you
should update the commands in your apps. They are now


(Ernie) #426

Thanks. I will update accordingly.

(Joern) #427

Using your Device Handler I’m able to change the heating temperature with the new full-screen slider for the heating temperature. But for the cooling temperature it isn’t working with the new slider.
It takes very very long, if anyway, to change the temperature. And the slider only can change full degrees, but not 0.5 steps (instead of the up and down arrows). The 1 and 0.5 steps is ok, but do you @RBoy have an idea, why the heating temp is working fine without any delay, but the cooling temp is not working fine?

Thanks for any ideas

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From a device handler point there is no difference between heating and
cooling. It’s likely to do something with ST or your thermostat, if it’s
very slow either your communication is a problem of your thermostat needs
to be reset. Try resetting it (it has a small black button next to the wire
screws to reset it) otherwise try moving your hub closer or adding an
active z wave repeater between the thermostat and hub. You can also try to
reboot your hub and do a z wave repair to improve communication.

I’m assuming you have a CT-xx thermostat and these thermostats do not
support setting temperatures in 0.5 degree increments. They only report in
0.5 degree increments.

(Chandler Newby) #429

I’m having a problem with this DTH and Google Assistant. When I have the thermostat set to Auto mode and I tell Google Assistant to set the temperature, it responds with “The thermostat can’t be set to that temperature.” Doesn’t matter what temperature I tell it to set to, it always responds the same way. When I change it to Heat mode however, everything works fine.
Ideally I’d like to be able to say “Set the heat on the thermostat to x degrees” or “Set the [AC|Cooling|Cool|] on the thermostat to x degrees” and have it change the respective setpoint.

Any ideas @RBoy?

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Maybe the app doesn’t recognize or support Auto mode in a thermostat. You’ll have to look into the app logs to see what’s going on, more likely an app issue as it works fine with Alexa.

(Alessandro) #431

Is this why it isn’t working in webcore? How do i go about fixing this?