[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4/GD00Z-5/Linear/GoControl/Iris/Nortek Device Handler with Switch and Automated Garage Door Open/Close when People Arrive/Leave/Timer

Improved the low battery detection and reporting mechanism (this it the garage door position sensor battery) in version 2.1.3

Added support for sending momentary notifications for SmartApps to use (e.g. Trigger based pictures)

Thanks Ron! This baby rocks it. I am using it in conjunction with @kevintierney Securifi Key Fob device type New Zigbee Device (Securifi Key Fob)

Rboy, I contributed the $10 and I’m using your zwave device type downloaded today but still shows unknown status but door functions fine manually & via app. Please advise? Thanks.

Rboy, disregard last message. Fiddled with it enough it I got it, thanks.

I’m using this code and it’s great, no problems at all, so thank you.

Do you happen to have a copy of it that adds a battery level tile and reports the battery level of the door sensor?


No issues, first time it takes a few minutes to get everything to populate. Just hit refresh a couple of times and wait a few minutes while forces the controller to resync with the door sensor.

Sorry no I have not added that feature yet. Does it even have battery status reporting ?

Reading the threads it send that the rboy voice had this on out, but they want money for it.

I like your code, it’s working perfect with echo and ST. So I thought I would ask.

I would like the feature so willing to add it. I just need to find the engineering specs for the GD00Z-4 so I can determine what code the device sends for battery status and how to configure it to send the zwave signals.

Maybe if I watch the logs I can catch it sending a battery status. When I find a window of opportunity to do so. If you find the specs anywhere let me know.


Actually there is code in there…
case 0x4A:
if (cmd.eventParameter[0]) {
map.descriptionText = “$device.displayName door sensor ${cmd.eventParameter[0]} has a low battery”
} else {
map.descriptionText = “$device.displayName door sensor has a low battery”
result << createEvent(name: “battery”, value: 1, unit: “%”, descriptionText: map.descriptionText)

I think I can finish that off it is correct. I will give it a shot.


@bamarayne OK battery reporting should be working with lastest version

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Thank you so much!

I updated and it doesn’t seem to work… The tile was there for a minute and then it was gone…

Not sure if in doing something wrong.

It should look list this, yes I know I need a new battery.

It does, but the tile goes away if I navigate away.

I don’t understand. What do you mean by navigate away ?

I can open the device details in things (or from a room) and then i can return back to things and open the details again and the tile remains.

BTW: I am on Android…You ?

I’m on Android.
I meant that I can trace and republish the divorce type, go to the garage door page in the app and the tile is there. If I then go to a different spout in the app and come back to the garage door the tile is gone. Refresh doesn’t help.

I tabbed and republish again and now the tile is there, and staying there.

But it is not showing a battery status like in your screenshot above.

It just had two. –

Hmm… I don’t know when the GDZ reports battery. I am betting it happens when the door is opened or closed. Have you operated the door since updating the code ?

I am away so I can’t test that without confusing folks in my house that the door keeps opening and closing :slight_smile: I can check tonight.

I added debug code to try to figure out when it runs (in my ide not in github yet). I also added battery and notification get commands to refresh but nothing happens when I Issue these.

[I edited your quote above a bit to fix what I’m guessing was autocorrect. If I got the context wrong I apologize.]

I was having the same issue. I installed this device type and went to check it out. Everything was there. I left the page to do something else and it was a blank page. I didn’t have to reinstall though, I was able to leave the tab and come back and it hasn’t happened since. (Edit: it did happen again. My screen went to sleep when I put the phone down. When I unlocked it the screen was blank white, but after a few seconds it refreshed and displayed correctly)

I’m also getting the – instead of a reading. I remotely opened and closed the door and it did not refresh. Perhaps it is an infrequent timed interval that it is reported to conserve battery.

@Ron What are the two icons next to the battery status? One seems a duplicate of the large icon, and the other turned blue when my door was open and grey as above when closed.

I had not tried it, but I just did.
Still nothing.
When I get home on my computer I’m going to delete the device type completely and start it all over.
Maybe that will work.