[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4/GD00Z-5/Linear/GoControl/Iris/Nortek Device Handler with Switch and Automated Garage Door Open/Close when People Arrive/Leave/Timer

Those were the features I would have added had I not been in the middle of a move/renovation :smile: - Nice all around!

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@Ron thank you so much. It works like a charm!

By the way, if anyone is interested, I can now open and close my garage door using my smartwatch and IFTTT. I know I could also just pull my phone out of my pocket and do it, but it saves like 5 seconds ;).


Cool now I have an excuse to buy a smart watch :smile:

What do you use as “This” in the watch ? What watch do you have and do you like it ? I am on Android so not Apple Watch :smile: … hmmm was going to call it iWatch but they didn’t name it that did they.

If I tap the button on my Android wear, then it opens (or closes) the garage. I have the Sony smartwatch 3. When NFC gets activated I’m going to scan my watch on an NFC tag which will turn off tethering (I use a tablet for nav, reading web pages, music,etc.) turn on WiFi, and open my garage door. Reverse that when I’m leaving the house. Priceless! (But utterly lazy lol) I like the watch, it’s more waterproof than the others, has NFC and WiFi and is more readable in bright light. Android wear needs some work but it’ll get there. Also I got it for a third the cost of the apple watch - which I promptly spent on this dumb home automation project lol.

Do you have to wake the watch for nfc ? My phone has nfc but I don’t find it useful because it doesn’t work unless I unlock the phone. Once I have the screen unlocked I might as well just tap a widget on the display. Why bother with nfc. I played with NFC discs but found them useless because of this issue. Wifi and bright sounds good. Looks like it’s about $200…interesting…

Don’t know about whether you have to wake the watch. NFC is currently turned off right now and they haven’t given the ability to turn it on yet. The watch is always on though and has an ambient screen. What sets the Sony apart from the others is that it uses a transreflective LCD tech rather than OLED, so it’s not brighter but you can see it better in bright light. People say it’s actually less vibrant over all but with a 1.4 in screen who cares? I’m not editing pictures on it but I do like that I can see the time all the time. Also be warned that the WiFi doesn’t allow it to stand alone. It still has to be connected to your phone in some way but can now be connected to it miles away as long as your phone is on and has an internet connection.

@Ron - thank you for sharing GaryD9’s free device type code! I am new to ST’s, but have decent tech skills and a lot of home theater automation experience. I bought the Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener with sensor after reading this thread. I used Gary’s code and got my device set up on my phone (however, my device wasn’t showing up under doors & locks, because I didn’t even have the doors & locks tab on my dashboard - turns out I picked the wrong activity while setting it up on the mobile app). I deleted the device and reinstalled it correctly and all was fixed. The GD00Z-4 was ridiculously simple to install in my garage! I highly recommend spending the money on this unit instead of buying the Evolve Relay and a separate tilt sensor. My ST’s switch/tile works flawlessly to open, close, and show me the status of my garage door! My whole house now has Leviton Vizia RF+ light switches, ST contact sensors, ST motion sensors, and a few GE connected bulbs - the garage door was icing on the cake! Thanks guys!!

P.S. Now if only Logitech would release their Z-Wave/Zigbee extender for the Home Control Hub!

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@Ron - great job with the modifications. I’m using it now for my newly installed linear and it works like a charm.

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FYI for those folks who were wondering about the battery level for the garage door tilt sensor, I spoke with the manufacturer and they confirmed that the unit send a low battery notifications (while there is no way to report the level) which is handled by the code.

With the latest code I’ve added a custom tile which shows “Replace Sensor Battery” when the sensor battery is low. Hit the refresh button to reset the Replace battery notification.

Hello, I’ve downloaded your app and device type for the Linear and have them created in my IDE. However, I don’t seem to have a clue how to use them or set up the opener with my android phone. Is there a step by step guide on how to do this?

Many Thanks

Have you referred to the Installation Instruction page here http://smartthings.rboyapps.com/#a5 ?

For whatever reason I can’t get mine to change from the unknown state using @Ron’s code. I’ve excluded and reincluded with no luck. Has to be between the tilt sensor and opener. Thoughts?

Here is what I see in the logs when I hit the refresh tile.
9:42:44 PM MDT: debug Parse returned [:]
1e419aa8-3364-4a34-9492-169336389daa 9:42:44 PM MDT: debug Desc Map: [raw:394701000108210020C8, dni:3947, endpoint:01, cluster:0001, size:08, attrId:0021, encoding:20, value:c8]
1e419aa8-3364-4a34-9492-169336389daa 9:42:44 PM MDT: debug description: read attr - raw: 394701000108210020C8, dni: 3947, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0001, size: 08, attrId: 0021, encoding: 20, value: c8
165549c0-4e6c-4f37-b7a5-90b7fcdd104c 9:42:43 PM MDT: debug Parse returned null
165549c0-4e6c-4f37-b7a5-90b7fcdd104c 9:42:43 PM MDT: debug Parse returned Home Energy Monitor power is 1418 W
9a1451e6-edc8-4d1c-af76-a07e52555d64 9:42:39 PM MDT: debug "zw device: 19, command: 9881, payload: 00 66 03 FD " parsed to [[‘name’:‘door’, ‘descriptionText’:Garage Door Opener door state is unknown, ‘value’:‘unknown’, ‘isStateChange’:false, ‘displayed’:false, ‘linkText’:‘Garage Door Opener’]]
9a1451e6-edc8-4d1c-af76-a07e52555d64 9:42:39 PM MDT: debug encapsulated: BarrierOperatorReport(barrierState: 253)

The box that showed up from Amazon had the factory seal broken and was re-sealed with scotch tape. The contents looked well packed so I figured I was alright. I did however notice that the piece of plastic that keeps the battery in the sensor from making contact was a bit sketchy. So after screwing with this for a bit I decided to check the voltage of the battery and found it at 1v when it’s supposed to be at 3v. I replaced the battery and it’s now working fine.

I’m not real happy with Amazon right now. The same order had a NYCE door sensor in it as well. That sensor had also clearly been opened and the mounting hardware was missing.

That stinks. Contact Amazon support they are very good about doing something for you in these cases. Tell they you want a discount on the item because of the condition and the fact you had to buy your own replacement battery. They may offer refund for return but you can explain you mounted already and it is not working but you feel you deserve credit for the poor condition and the possibly used/returned product. I did this for a white board I purchased which had a cracked corner. I didn’t care to return it but felt I should not pay full price, they gave me 20% discount.

I ended up contacting them last night and they are sending replacements free of charge. I was pretty annoyed after screwing with it for a couple hours last night. To top it off I had a NYCE door / window sensor in the same order that was missing the mounting hardware. I have a feeling someone bought this stuff and couldn’t get it working so they returned it. I was the unfortunate soul who then received it later.

Oh well, it’s all working now. Thanks @Ron for the door code. You are a value to the community.

Most of the credit goes to @garyd9 I made a very minor tweak to my version.

As documented in my comments for this code :slight_smile:

  • Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Modified for GD00Z by @Garyd, Copied and modified by @Ron

Well, than thank you @garyd9 as well! :smile:

I was at Lowes today and saw that this appears to be the same opener that they are marketing under the Iris name.

I have a spare, new in box, GD00Z-4 sitting around now if anyone wants a deal. Looking for $65 shipped.