[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4/GD00Z-5/Linear/GoControl/Iris/Nortek Device Handler with Switch and Automated Garage Door Open/Close when People Arrive/Leave/Timer

GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4/others Device Handler - Version 03.00.01

  • (New) Added setting to reset battery levels for controllers which only report low battery (replace)

NOTE : The UI changes may not reflect if you’re upgrading from an older version due to platform caching. One way to force the cache to clear is to change the device handler to a “Z-Wave Device” and then back to this device handler from the IDE, then sign out of the ST mobile app and sign back in. If nothing else works, you may need to exclude your device, delete the device handler and reinstall it if the UI does not update.

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I purchased rboyapps license and installed garage door device handler and smartapp.

I see where to incorporate motion detector, but not how to incorporate external tilt sensor as a double check on the GD00Z’s local tilt sensor. Does the rboyapps smartapp support an external tilt sensor? From scanning this thread, I had the impression it did.

Would appreciate recommendations for garage motion detector and garage door tilt sensor which work with rboyapps.

You can create your own garage door controller with the GD00Z (as the momentary/relay) and the external tilt sensor using this: [RELEASE] Virtual Garage Door Opener/Controller with Relays and Contact/Tilt/Door Sensors

Now you can use the new virtual garage door with this app (or any app) which will basically use your external sensor for your garage door status

I’m using your enhanced z-wave garage door controller smartapp and trying to debug the cause of a false opening yesterday.

I have GD00Z opener, configured to open and close using iphone mobile presence via geofence, also configured to close after 10 minutes if no motion detected in garage. Geofence set to about 1km to avoid mobile presence problems.

Here is a screenshot of messages from SmartThings app:

6:51 Opened garage door with manual button.
Message from app “Garage door opened, closing garage door in 10 minutes.”

6:54 Closed garage door with manual button. Confirmed by camera inside garage.
No message from app when I closed garage door, while there was message when opened door.
Shouldn’t I have received message from your garage door opener device handler that door closed?
SmartThings seemed to believe door was still OPEN at this time.
Shouldn’t GD00Z tilt sensor (has new battery) have indicated door was closed???
All the problems seem to spring from garage door opener thinking it’s open when it’s actually closed.

6:57 From camera inside garage. I can see garage door opening, although message
from your app says “10 minutes over, closing garage door opener”.
Garage door opener history says “Door closing” even though door is OPENING.

7:00 Message “HarlaniPhoneXR left, Garage door opener already closed” while door is actually OPEN.

7:02 Camera confirms garage door is actually OPEN.

7:18 Message that “Garage door opener opened, closing garage door in 10 minutes”, when
garage door has been open since 6:57!!
Why does opener suddenly think it’s now open at 7:18???
Garage door was already OPEN. Garage door opener history says “Door Open”.

7:28 Message “10 minutes over, closing Garage door opener” “Garage door opener closed”
Garage door history confirms “Door Closed”

Any idea how this is possible???

I’m suspicious of the GD00Z tilt sensor. It doesn’t seem to be indicating the correct position
when I manually closed the garage door in this instance.
Why did app report manual opening, but not the manual closing?
When does tilt sensor update and how often?
How can the sensor get out of sync?
Is there a way to see the history for the tilt sensor?
Perhaps you could enhance your GD00Z device handler to log the tilt sensor position along with battery status???

I had false opening problems in the past with Ridiculously Automated Opener app and I was hoping that your rboys app would fix the occasional false opening. I’m happy that your app has a way to automatically close the door if it’s left open.

I would appreciate your help resolving this problem.

The open/close events shown in SmartThings come directly from the controller based on the tile sensor position reported.
This is a common issue with this device where it randomly reports that the door is open and then back to closed after a while. This is mostly likely caused by power fluctuations (see the posts above). Folks have found that adding a UPS to the power supply helps reduce/eliminate these random issues. The DTH does detect this and compensates for it partially but it cannot avoid it as it needs to report that the controller reports.

Would switching to an Ecolink tilt sensor and your Virtual garage door opener smartapp get rid of the problems caused by the flaky GD00Z tilt sensor?

I assume the Ecolink tilt sensor will be more reliable than the GD00Z tilt sensor, right?

Otherwise I can try the UPS solution. But I thought the UPS solution addressed the problem of an unknown tilt status after a power outage, which necessitated cycling the garage door opener to initialize the tilt sensor status.

Yes and that’s a very popular option with users, you can create your own garage door controller every easily with this app (and it has unique features like vacation mode etc):

I have my Close Garage Door After Opening delay set to 15 minutes if no motion is detected.

Every time my motion detector fires, I get two messages as shown in the screenshot:
Motion detected from Garage motion, closing in 15 minutes
Motion detected from Garage motion, closing in 3 minutes

Is there someway to get rid of the 3 minutes warning?
It’s unnecessary and cluttering up my notifications.
I get the 3 minutes warning regardless of what value I use for the
“Close Garage Door After Opening” delay.


@RBoy I posted here: Garage Door sensors show open on Dashboard in app but are closed

about the app showing the garage doors open on the dashboard yet they show closed when looking at the device. This is a fairly recent thing that has shown up, I’d say within the last month or so. Maybe after an app update? Not sure.

Any ideas why they are showing up like this?

It means your device isn’t reporting the status. The battery in the sensor may need to be replaced (assuming the open/close controls are working)

Open and close status is reporting correctly when I view history of the devices though.

I’m having the same issue as @norsedakotan and I dont think it’s a reporting issue, definitely not a battery issue. Mine shows as open on the “Status Information” bar, closed on the device, and history is completely accurate. Its just that “Status Information” that’s off. Screenshots below, in case they help figure this out.

Also, the “Status Information” doesn’t change to closed when I open the door, so it’s not a matter of something getting reversed. It seems to be stuck.

If it’s showing correctly in the detailed page but incorrect on the dashboard then it’s a bug with the SmartThings mobile app. The device handler doesn’t report any status separately for the dashboard. It just reports one status and the mobile aapp is responsible to displaying it where needed.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking since it just started a couple weeks ago, that I noticed anyway. I can’t determine when the app last updated though.

Was this resolved? I switched back to the stock DTH and its working but no battery level.

Mine still shows the doors open. I haven’t changed the device handler though. I don’t think that battery function works correctly for me so maybe I should switch to default.

Yes, I’m kind of thinking my battery wasn’t functioning correctly either. A lot of my Rboy stuff is giving me problems after the last update. Had to stop using the Zwave lock dth as well.

Circling back on this. I switched to the default z-wave garage door opener handler and the message goes away. As soon as I switch it back. It says the door is open on the monitoring line on the Favorites page. Any ideas at all? I know @RBoy says it can’t be the handler but something has changed in how it’s reporting in the app. Can’t hurt to look? I’m no programmer so wouldn’t know where to begin.

I checked the routines I have with the garage door openers, edited, and even disabled them, but no change in status.

Try to exclude your device and pair it again, it maybe a caching issue in the platform. i just checked and it’s working fine here. As I mentioned before there’s nothing in the DTH that reports a separate status for different pages. It’s just one state that’s reported to the platform, the rest is up to the mobile app/platform.

Anyone tried to move it to edge?