[RELEASE] Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 (v1 & v2) & RSM2-Plus —Smart Dual Relay Switch Module

To any of the knowledgeable folks here,

I’ve got a RSM2-Plus installed, connected in the bathroom to a light (Load 1) and an exhaust fan (Load 2).

The light is a CFL and goes on/off with no issues, I can even set motion triggers and it works. However the fan is very “sometime-ish”. It comes on somethings using the ST app, sometimes it doesn’t switch off.

When I turn on the fan, I can see the light flickering and the relay crackles for about a second (or a bit longer than usual).

Secondly, if I set the same motion trigger that works for the light using the fan, I can hear the relay crackling, the light may blink but the fan doesn’t turn on.

I am using the normal ST “device handle” (i hope this is what its called), i removed the SmartThings Multi-channel Control because the two switches it created would just remain in the ON position.

Sometimes, If i have the light turned on with the app, and switch on the fan it turns off the light.

Both the fan and the light work with the manual switches.

Where do I even start trouble shooting this?

Do I try using a the @erocm1231 modules, if so is there a “simple” step 1-2-3 guide?

Is this an electrical / wiring problem?

For what its worth I did a z-wave repair and found no issues.

Thanks in advance.

Had the same issues as the posters above, the problem is that the dual relay switch has a lower max load, I think about 5A on each channel. If you use it with a bunch of CFLs/LEDs and an exhaust fan, it will fail sooner or later because CFLs especially have huge inrush currents. Same with inductive loads like fans, there’s a sudden spike when you first turn on the fan. I believe the mechanical portion of the relay gets jammed when this happens, and you won’t be able to toggle on or off.

For my bathroom, I have 6 CFL bulbs and one exhaust fan on two switches, I ended up having to buy two Levtion Z-wave switches that are rated for such loads. https://smile.amazon.com/Leviton-DZ15S-1BZ-Decora-Switch-Technology/dp/B01MZ0WVKH/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1522613812&sr=8-3&keywords=leviton+z-wave+switch

They work perfectly and I’ve had no issues.These tiny relays aren’t made for such high loads. If you absolutely must use a relay due to space considerations, you will need two of the single relays. There’s a reason why there’s not much of a price difference between the dual and single - the rated load is halved on the dual relay, which means it’s probably the same thing internally!

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Great haven’t try it yet I like to ask you since I am new to this and want learn if it is possible to add code that responds to toggle switch positions,
Something like if the relay is turn on by smartthings the toggle will be off we know this has to be but what if this could be cured at the switch if some go’s to shut off at the switch and smartthings has it on then do nothing until you shut off again to right position. and of course the other way around.

This would help me a lot as it drives my crazy when is in wrong position.
Thank you

This isn’t possible programatically, but some relays have the option to do as you describe. Fibaro for example. From the Fibaro manual:

  1. Switch type
    This parameter defines as what type the device should treat the
    switch connected to the S1 and S2 terminals.
    Available settings: 0 - momentary switch
    1 - toggle switch (contact closed - ON, contact
    opened - OFF)
    2 - toggle switch (device changes status when
    switch changes status)
    Default setting: 2 Parameter size: 1 [byte]
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I have a issue getting my Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 device to add correctly to ST’s. I had this device working great for over a year with no issues. I had a power outage that caused a few of my devices to disappear from my devices list. No problem adding them back; all except the Enerwave ZWN-RSM2. I excluded it and then added it. The problem is it is added a duplex receptacle. I have no idea why it is not showing up as a switch. Any help would be appreciated.

Strange, not sure why that would have happened. Can you manually change the device handler in the IDE to the Enerwave handler?

First of all thanks for the great plugin… it works through smarthings app. But somehow I am unable to use the Google Home integration to switch on/off this relay. It shows up on Google home but doesn’t respond… Is it fixable or is that a limitation of all custom device handlers? Thanks!

does any one know how to turn on pairing button without opening up the switch and manually pressing the pair button? any code to turn on and off the button that would put it in pairing mode?

Just curious if anyone knows anything about version 5.12 of the ZWN-RSM2-PLUS, regarding what changed since version 5.11? I just noticed it on Amazon:

@erocm1231 hey there…i just recently purchased a ZWN-RSM2-PLUS and I am lost. I normally purchase the straight z wave switches, but this time I took at a chance at purchasing two of these relays, to use with my existing switches, to control 2 separate gang boxes, each with two 3-way switches in them. I originally installed your handler code but could not get it to work. Then, i deleted that and just tried to use the ST multi-channel control. At this point, I am so confused and will return these things if I cannot get these things working. I have been looking online a lot and i am going in circles.

On my device is says:

I am asking if you could just provide me the steps from a-z with what i need to do. Also, can you include a diagram of the hook up to make sure i have them connected properly.

I currently have one of these installed and here are my issues:

  • one side of the 3 way does not manually turn off lights, it just flashes the lights
  • when using ST, it is not turning off lights

Right now in my ST app i have three things showing up: <- none of them working correctly

  • switch endpoint 1
  • switch endpoint 2
  • z-wave device multichannel

hoping you can help as you seem to be the master.

if it helps, i can always give you my cell phone to discuss via phone.

I have the same issue, no clue how to solve.
Can anyone help?

Have you installed the device handler? Have you assigned it to the device? Have you installed device sync SmartApp & device handler for it?

I don’t know what changed but I have one of these dual relays that reports in IDE as firmware version 5.12.

It was pretty easy to connect but I am having an issue with it not reporting back on switch 2.

If I turn on physical switch 1, in 1 to 2 seconds it will show as “on” in the SmartThings app. If I turn it off, it will also report in the Smartthings App.

If I turn on the physical switch 2, it will turn on the light but it will not show as “on” in the SmartThings app.

If I refresh in the SmartThings app it will then show as “on”.

I am using @erocm1231’s Parent and Child device handlers. Other than switch 2 not reporting back on a physical switch change everything else seems to work fine.

I am running into the same issue with this device handler controlling two of the three speeds on my Quietcool WHF.

I finally got the 06-16 device handler and the child devices configured properly but am not getting a status update from R2.

The logs aren’t helpful as there is no status sent when the switch is thrown manually. I do have control and get status messages when triggered via the app. I am also assuming the micro controller is functioning properly because it turns the fan on with both low and medium switches.

Thanks in advance, Erik

@Kraftwerx did you install the SmartApp (not just the Device Type Handler)… if not, go to the OP and see the Virtual Physical Switch Sync app… If you do have all 4 configured (parent device, 2 children switches & smartapp) and correctly configured, it should work.

I did have all of that configured, but am trying to recreate everything to catch what I missed. First question is which version of the DH should I be using? These are brand new RS2’s running 5.12fw.

The issue I am running into on this effort is that it will successfully include the switch, and create the child switches, but the SmartApp doesn’t detect the endpoints.

Thanks, Erik

If you are using a device handler with child devices, then you shouldn’t have to install the SmartApp.

Thanks, I actually figured that out (finally) after digging around. It turned out really good because someone has also created a SmartApp for a whole house fan that takes care of what I was trying to automate.

Just to tell Eric that I installed his virtual device sync and device handlers and my old RSM2 is working like a charm. Thank you. Is there a way I can buy you a beer from Uruguay?

I appreciate the offer, but I’m just glad that it helped you out. :slight_smile:

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