[RELEASE] Ecobee Thermostat Device for Stock Ecobee Program

EDIT: SmartThings has updated their stock device so this modified version is no longer needed and will be removed from GitHub.

I rewrote the default EcoBee Thermostat device handler that gets installed with the stock EcoBee SmartApp just like the modifications I made to the remote sensor devices (https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-ecobee-sensor-device-for-stock-ecobeethermostat/).

NOTE: There is NO additional functionality or capabilities in this device type. It is simple a aesthetics change because the stock SmartThings EcoBee device type looks awful. I have rewritten it to use a multiAttributeTile per their own instructions (http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/device-type-developers-guide/tiles-metadata.html#thermostat-multi-attribute-tile). If you want additional functionality I suggest you use this: [DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, Version 1.2.*.

The current stock EcoBee thermostat looks like this:

My modification switches to the multiAttributeTile, moving the mode and humidity onto the main tile:

Screenshot_20170828-110422 Screenshot_20170828-110403

Again this is just a aesthetics change to make it look better. Functionality wise it should operate exactly like the stock device type.

NOTE: You must have already installed the stock EcoBee device before using this. Its only the updated thermostat device. You can pull this from my repo:

Owner: vseven
Name: SmartThings_VSeven
Branch: master

or manually copy it in: https://github.com/vseven/SmartThings_VSeven/blob/master/devicetypes/vseven/enhanced-ecobee-thermostat.src/enhanced-ecobee-thermostat.groovy

To Install:

  1. After your EcoBee is already installed and the new device type is installed go into your IDE at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices
  2. Click on “My Devices”.
  3. Find the EcoBee Thermostat you want to update and click on it then click Edit.
  4. Under “Type*” change from the EcoBee Thermostat to the Enhanced EcoBee Thermostat then click Update.

As with my EcoBee sensor I’ve submitted this as a pull request against the original SmartThings device since I don’t understand why it’s not already updated.


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And the update “Stock” sensor: [RELEASE] Ecobee Sensor Device for Stock Ecobee Thermostat

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I think Ecobee has integrated this just as they did your remote sensor one as well.

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They did. I updated the remote sensor post but never updated this one. Thanks for the reminder.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m trying to figure out why the current stock Ecobee Thermostat doesn’t expose the thermostat’s own motion/presence sensor.
Is there an easy way to clone the Thermostat object like you did, and add it so all I’d have to do is change the device type as well?

I really don’t want to mess around with complete revamped Ecobee handlers that replace the stock handlers.

Thats a valid point…I would post this as a issue on their GitHub for that handler. They are usually pretty good about following up, especially something like this that should have been in there initially.

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I’d have to create a gh account, which for some miraculous reason I don’t have yet.
Let me figure this out first. Would it really be as easy as to add a

capability “Motion Sensor”

to the metadata section of the device?

That would be part of it but then you need a tile to show motion and also to get the motion status from the stat into the tile. Its not a lot of work but its enough and honestly it probably should be available in the stock DTH.

@tpmanley - Shouldn’t the stock EcoBee thermostat DTH have the “motion” capability and display this like the remote sensors?