[RELEASE] Ecobee Sensor Device for Stock Ecobee Thermostat

Update: The stock SmartThings DTH for the Ecobee Sensor has been updated with my programming change on 9/26/17 so therefor this post is obsolete. If you were using my DTH for the sensor please switch back to stock. Thanks!

I rewrote the default EcoBee Sensor that gets installed with the stock EcoBee Thermostat device type. For whatever reason SmartThings is still using the old style tiles like this:

It has been updated to use a multiAttributeTile and also added the ability to change the icon which I think just looks a lot better:

NOTE: You must have already installed the stock EcoBee device before using this. Its only the updated sensor. You can pull this from my repo:

Owner: vseven
Name: SmartThings_VSeven
Branch: master

or manually copy it in: https://github.com/vseven/SmartThings_VSeven/blob/master/devicetypes/vseven/enhanced-ecobee-sensor.src/enhanced-ecobee-sensor.groovy

To Install:

  1. After your EcoBee is already installed and the new device type is installed go into your IDE at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices
  2. Click on “My Devices”.
  3. Find the EcoBee Sensor you want to update and click on it then click Edit.
  4. Under “Type*” change from the EcoBee Sensor to the Enhanced EcoBee Sensor then click Update.
  5. Repeat for any other remote sensors you have.

Hopefully someone will use this. I’ve also submitted this as a pull request against the original SmartThings device since I don’t understand why it’s not already updated.


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I actually tried yours a couple days ago and it was just too complicated for my very basic usage so i went back to the stock one. Hence updating the tiles since the stock ones are awful. Im debating updating the stock thermostat also but that might be beyond me.

Im sure SmartThings staff is busy but the stock EcoBee integration shouldnt look so bad…

I’m curious to know what you found confusing, perhaps I can make things simpler for the next person.


I just like the simplicity of the stock one. Rarely do I ever even change it through the app…usually just through Alexa changing the setpoint. I used Seans before you took it over and I’ve used the “paid” one which for me was awfully unreliable and even more complicated.

The stock handler, other then the outdated interface, does everything I need it to do and is simple.

How do you have smartthings find and install the ecobee sensors ?

I don’t. Install the EcoBee with the stock device handler and once your sensors are installed just switch the device type for your sensors to this one.

I’m also almost done with a updated device type for the thermostat itself. I don’t understand why the SmartThings stock Device type doesn’t even follow their thermostat examples in their tutorials but all I did was matched that. Should be done with it tomorrow.

Gotcha. I’ve already installed my ecobee without the sensors. I plan on purchasing them tomorrow. Once installed with the ecobee app, will ST see the new sensors and update my devices? Then I’ll make this update ?

So connect the remote sensors per the EcoBee instructions. Once they are in the system, named and working, go into SmartThings -> Automation -> SmartApps and back into the Ecobee (Connect). There is a section called “Select Ecobee Sensors (xx found)”. Click that and you should be able to add then then click Done at the top right corner.

After they are added you can go into the IDE device list (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list), select the remote sensors, and change the device type from the standard over to mine.

Awesome. Thanks.

I’ve also added a modified “stock” thermostat that updates the look to be more standard:

For anyone using this modified “stock” DTH:

I have submitted a pull request against the stock device and it was merged tonight, will be tested this week and as long as it passes QA (which it should) it will be put into the system as the new standard. Once that happens I will be deleting this DTH out of my GitHub and you can simply switch back to the standard SmartThings one.

They are also working on updating the EcoBee Thermostat to follow the standard thermostat tile but I think thats more then a couple weeks out.


My pull request to get the stock device updated was pushed out a couple hours ago. Therefor my dvice type is no longer needed as the stock has the changes I made.

Please stop using my DTH and switch back to the “EcoBee Sensor” stock type. It now has the updated multi attribute tile along with the ability to change the icon. The DTH will be deleted form my repo tonight.


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