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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Anthony S.) #1957

I have some fixes coming for TuneIn playback in the next 30 minutes

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1958

My fire tablets work.

(Keaton Hoskins) #1959

Here is an article about it:

(Keaton Hoskins) #1960

I am very curious how you have yours cofigured differently than mine. I can’t get them to work at all. I am running Fire OS on the Kindle 7" Gen 5 and HD 8 Gen 7. I am unable to use them as they show Offline, but they are most certainly Online (as in on the network, able to use ActionTiles etc.)

I would like to compare notes :wink:


Barry - for the camera notifications, are those from Blink, or another camera provider?

(Tony Fleisher) #1962

My Hd8 7th gen with 5 3.6.4 and latest Alexa app is able to use tts, but not play music.

(Anthony S.) #1963

Release V2.1.2:


  • ADDED: New Music Search Test Page which allows you to perform search commands on your device. It also allows you to perform tunein search and see results returned by Amazon.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs and cleanups

Device (v2.1.1):
• FIXED: TuneIn search command is now fixed

(Scott) #1964

You left the version number at v2.1.1 in the code.

(Anthony S.) #1965

Thank you for catching that I’ve pushed out the update with the correct versions

(JIm) #1966

I got mine working again and will not describe my stupidity…:unamused:

(Scott) #1967

SmartApp Version is at 2.1.2 but device handler remains at 2.1.1.

(Scott) #1968

I had this working previously, but the upgrade didn’t go well. Everything appears correct in the app and on Heroku; I completely removed the app and the Heroku instance and re-installed. Devices show as online, cookie is valid. Getting a “amazonCommandResp error: Failed with status code 400” error with every attempt at the Broadcast Test (Echos don’t speak or light up).



Is there a possibility of adding set vol and restore to playNotification as optional parameters?

(Guy) #1970

Hi there. I just installed Echo Speaks.

I am wondering how I could use the searchAmazonMusic for a specific song and then play it…

I see it is easy enough to search, but if I add ‘play’ after it, nothing happens.

I tried playtrack() but no luck.

Any advice?

(Barry) #1971

Steve -

None of these are camera-based alerts.

I use Dakota Alert in-ground vehicle detectors along the driveway, a DA motion sensor on the walkway, and a DA contact sensor in the mailbox. Coupled with 4 Ecolink sensors, I hand coded an activity monitor to generate the messages, based in part on who has arrived recently, etc.

(Jean May Jr) #1972

I haven’t played with this feature yet, but none of the examples I see seem to need the play or playtrack; it looks like the searchAmazonMusic should play once it finds it without the play command.

(Anthony S.) #1973

Try using the test tts button in a single device… I haven’t tested the broadcast testing in the latest versions

(Anthony S.) #1974

Are you referring to playAnnouncements()?

(Guy) #1975

Thanks. I tried using that one, but changed spotify to amazonmusic… still no go. The volume is set, but it doesn’t ever play.

I can get the devices to speak… but not play music.

1/7/2019, 9:20:51 PM +447ms
+1ms ╔Received event [Home].routineExecuted = 516cbf80-8a2e-4722-9c45-6219b6d1ac72 with a delay of 46ms
+115ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 12ms > PS > 82ms > PE > 20ms > CE
+118ms ║Runtime (37272 bytes) successfully initialized in 82ms (v0.3.109.20181207) (116ms)
+120ms ║╔Execution stage started
+136ms ║║Comparison (string) :c24f582ccd6e05bbeb28c97ef072dfe2: executes (string) :c24f582ccd6e05bbeb28c97ef072dfe2: = true (2ms)
+139ms ║║Cancelling condition #8’s schedules…
+140ms ║║Condition #8 evaluated true (10ms)
+142ms ║║Cancelling condition #7’s schedules…
+143ms ║║Condition group #7 evaluated true (state changed) (14ms)
+147ms ║║Cancelling statement #1’s schedules…
+285ms ║║Executed physical command [Echo - Main Echo].setVolume([100]) (128ms)
+287ms ║║Executed [Echo - Main Echo].setVolume (132ms)
+323ms ║║Executed physical command [Echo - Main Echo].searchAmazonMusic([Guard Dogs - Random Barking and Growling Dog Sounds for Added Home Security When the House Is Empty]) (29ms)
+324ms ║║Executed [Echo - Main Echo].searchAmazonMusic (31ms)
+328ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (209ms)
+330ms ╚Event processed successfully (329ms)

(Scott) #1976


postCmdProcess Error | status: 400 | message: null
Skipping Device Data Refresh… Device is OFFLINE… (Offline Status Updated Every 10 Minutes)