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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Yves Racine) #1857

Hi again, let’s say you have donated $20 (probably less) for more than 4000 lines of code (i’m not including the heroku app, just the ST code)…

That makes $0.005 (5/10 of a penny) per line of code (development & testing)…

Does it entitle you to be rude? I don’t think so…

(Ina Kutscher) #1858

You could check whether your echo is already playing before you start the music. Change the condition to if motion is active and echo is not playing then turn on… I think its the device status attribute you need to use to determine if it is playing or not (playing_sonos_generic is the state it reports). Since my installation is not currently working I can’t check. Just look at the attributes in the IDE.
Hope this helps.

(Mike Guest) #1859

Just a thought , and I’m grateful for the work you’ve done already, but

It would seem to me one way forward (with the issue of being unable to ascertain the current volume)
would be to play a track “One second of silence” - use that interval to discover the current volume, and then use that as the reset point. However, I do recognise this would add latency to the system that might be unacceptable to people using something like a ring doorbell. It’s all swings and roundabouts


Donations DO NOT EQUAL purchasing something.
It is a thank-you for the work done.
It entitles you to absolutely NOTHING.
The releases are free, donations or not.
You have as much say in this project as any other Tom, Dick or Sally, which, in reality, is nothing.
But alas, stultus est sicut SGrayban facit.


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1861

In today’s IT world writing custom code can easily earn a person $150.00 an hour. So, a donation of say, $20.00 earns a person about 7.5 minutes of the IT’s time.

This app has had hundreds, but most likely several thousands of hours put into it by more than one developer. This app was in work for about 2 months BEFORE it began a beta test. No one even knew it was being developed until it was already 2 months old.

SmartThings changes things constantly, and doesn’t tell us about it. I’ve had to fix two of my apps in the past couple of days that just stopped working for no reason at all. Amazon changes things on a daily basis… literally on a daily basis. They care even less about developers than ST.

So, if an app isn’t working for you, or it’s frustrating for you, and you’ve given a donation… ask the developer for your money back and move on.

No one has to use the code we develop. Especially the code we develop for free.

With all of the negativity because Tony is attempting to improve your lives, I would highly recommend that he pull the code and put it behind a firewall, that the user would then have to pay to access.

Here’s an idea… $5.00 charge for code access… per version. How many of you would then be bitching or rude about the software that you probably wouldn’t pay the $5.00 for?

Folks, it’s simple. A man, with a family and a life, is performing a service for you for free, that he could easily charge for and make some money from.

Think about that the next time your free program doesn’t work for a few minutes.

(Dusty) #1862

SGrayban, maybe you should offer to take over maintenance of the code from tonesto7. Hmmmm?

(Jean May Jr) #1863

You’re probably going to need to look at the activity log for the motion detector to work this out so that it works for you, but what you might look at doing is something like:

If I’ve done this right, it should effectively ignore all motion activity for at least 5 five minutes…

(Anthony S.) #1864

I’m going to take the high road for once in my life!

  1. Please don’t accuse me of attacking anyone because I’ve done no such thing.
  2. I didn’t just release and walk away. I have a wife and 3 kids and when my very understanding wife asks me to help her I do! So that’s why I’ve been away.
  3. I’m only biting my tongue because I’ve been in your shoes many times before and understand your frustration.
  4. You are right there seems to be a bug for some non-US users. I have a mix of different users from many countries in my Beta group and there were very little issues at all.

With that said… I’m going to try and resolve this today

(JIm) #1865

I’m in the us and can’t get it to work after the update. But another day or so is no big deal. If I spent as much time as Tony doing that and not family, I would probably be single now… So I can wait and appreciate all he does.

(Jon) #1866

@Gatvlieg skerp username!

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #1867

Wow. Seriously, dude?

If there is an organization that helps people like you, please let me know, and I will make a donation to that.

(Anthony S.) #1868

I have some fixes in the beta branch. I’m just waiting for beta testers to verify if the login issue is resolved

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #1869

I attempted to back out everything so that I could start from scratch with the new code.
However, it won’t let me uninstall the SmartApp from SmartThings.
I tried both from within the SmartThings mobile app and from the IDE.

I guess it doesn’t matter though, eh?

I now updated the code for both SmartApp and Device Handler, and deleted my Heroku app.

I can see in the SmartApp that it’s updated to 2.1.0. So, I will go from here, and see what happens…

(Anthony S.) #1870

the master branch does not contain the v2.1.1 code

No need to remove the installed smartapp.

Just overwrite the smartapp code with this and publish:

Then remove and redeploy the server using the smartapp

(Mark Phelps) #1871

Thanks Anthony, all seems ok here…

(Anthony S.) #1872

So it didn’t work before and is now working?

(Mark Phelps) #1873

Yes, went straight through the amazon login with no problems. was having the same “looking for something?” error as others before

(Anthony S.) #1874

Glad to hear it…

What region are you in?

(Jon) #1875

Many thanks! Working in the UK!

(Anthony S.) #1876

Once I get more confirmations of non-users I will deploy the changes to the master branch