[RELEASE] Echo Speaks



I used it to make the notification sound before the spoken message but sometimes it fails and just skips right on to the speak part.

On vlcthing I used to play a short notification mp3 before the speak task and it worked well. I used the airplane ding sound :grinning:

(Anthony S.) #1389

that’s the joys of using an unofficial API :wink:

I will try to see if there is something else I can do to make this more stable. I don’t get to use the advanced features of ES because i’m always in Dev mode :slight_smile:


The notification alert has been steady, so far…I like it.

(Jim Newman) #1391

Is it possible to include Fire TV Cube, which operates using Alexa, in the available Echo devices?

(Solutionssquad) #1392

Thank you for your amazing work!

Is there a way to turn off the microphone and make it red?
There are times when I don’t want Alexa to get triggered on my Echo’s.

(Anthony S.) #1393

I haven’t found anything to turn off the mic. Only can control DoNotDisturb.

One item high on my list is turning off the display on the show.

I tried reverse engineering the mobile app but couldn’t find anything useful.

(Ernie) #1394

Fire Tv Cube is included in my devices and works well for announcements. My only issue is that I can’t control the volume.

(Jim Newman) #1395

Huh. Didn’t show up in my list of devices.

ETA: checked the Echo Speaks app, I had not enabled “Include other Alexa-enabled devices”. Duh.


Is it possible to have Alexa/Webcore use the SearchSpotify feature and randomize several playlists?


What’s the difference between
send device notification in speak command in webcore?
If I use a send device notification and then I say “alexa, play notification” she says “no notifications” to me.

(Eric) #1398

Well, updated ES in the IDE…now it doesn’t work. Figures…


If the parameter field will take an Expression then you can random() the playlist search, does the searchXXX() take playlist to begin with?

(Darc Ranger) #1400

Send device notification will beep before speaking a message. Send device notification(hello world), will beep before speaking “hello world”. It will not be save in your notification queue.

Think of it like the Speak command with an beep in front of your spoken phrase.

I have not had any issue with using this command. I use it for door and certain status alerts. Otherwise I use the other speak options we have.

(Ian Bruce) #1401

Is it possible to add notifications to the queue as well as announcing them?

(Don) #1402

Thanks, I tried this and I get the cant find that error.

I can play a song track by asking for it and using this App.
Example: searchAmazonMusic(‘PianoMan’); works as does asking Alexa to play it.

Just can’t nail down specific tracks of the sound effect albums.

Appreciate everyone sending suggestions. I’ll keep tinkering.

(Eric) #1403

Ok, I uninstalled and reinstalled ES. My old pistons aren’t working, but it works with new ones.

That said, I sometimes get a double notification, so I’ve had to add resetqueue again.

[EDIT] Old pistons are working.


Not sure I follow your question

(Patrick Gormley) #1405

TN_Oldman, Give this a try…
Go to amazon music and add the sound effect to your music then reference with all lower case in WebCoRe.

(Chris Nelson) #1406

Anyone managed to get Tunein working? No radio station I try seems to work

(Don) #1407

Thank You Patrick, I can get that one to work.
I had already been that route just didn’t think about trying all lower case.