[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Anthony S.) #1327

I didn’t push out any updates for the server but I can force a commit which will trigger all server to rebuild and upload there version to the smartapp


I have you added as a collaborator. The Heroku app is 2.0.2 but the echo speaks app is showing Heroku version as 1.3.0. Any need for concern or is there an additional step to update the app that I haven’t done?

(Anthony S.) #1329

I needed to update my repo on new requested collaborator servers. All servers which i’m a collaborator on are now certainly running v2.0.2


So I should ignore the Echo Speaks heroku app details showing V1.3.0? Sound like it.

(Anthony S.) #1331

So you just checked it and it still shows v1.3.0?


Yes. When I open Echo Speaks, under the Heroku Info, everything seems ok, with the exception being the Version, which shows (v1.3.0). When I open the app on the heroku dashboard itself, it is running 2.0.2. Perhaps the Echo Speaks app is not refreshing the server version?


Should have said, perhaps the Heroku actual version is not being updated or refreshed in the Echo Speaks app.

(Anthony S.) #1334

what is the name of your heroku server


app name is “echo-speaks-vfj79xmim”

(Gene Clark) #1336

Anyone else having issues with controlling playback in newest release? I’ve got a piston that had been working and has since stopped. Alexa does the other stuff that’s in there but is no longer stopping the music using the pause command.

Additionally I’ve got an Echo Dot gen 2 that’s always showing “playing” in the things tab, but if you click the device it doesn’t show its playing. Perhaps these two issues are related?

Lastly I’ve got a Fire TV that’s showing the icon for the Echo instead of the icon shown inside the Echo Speaks smartapp.

(Bill Padley) #1337

no problem here…pause still works for me…

however I am MORE than curious as to your screenshot

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bill P

(Tom fontaine) #1339

PS - Anthony - props to you for your cool icons both in this app and the NEST apps. Man wish we had cool icons like that for other things!

(Anthony S.) #1340

Thank you…
I enjoy sitting down at night and just messing around with them while watching TV.

I found a program for my Mac that I absolutely love called Logoist 3.


(Gene Clark) #1341

I’m using the Durex Build for Kodi and those are momentary buttons for use with Kodi Callbacks addon. If you’re interested in either one let me know and will point you in the right direction.

(Anthony S.) #1342

If you can enable debug under the affected devices settings.

I’ve significantly added more useful logs. Take a look at the out put for the refresh that occurs every 60 seconds

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1343

You know what else is Durex right? I just imagine Alexa in the back ground… In… Out… In… Out… lol

(Bill Padley) #1344

@GRCLARK aaah its very much a British thing then …LMAO !!!

(Anthony S.) #1345

Wow i’m a little disappointed in myself for not noticing that :frowning:
I’m usually the guy that sees something dirty in everything!

(Bill Padley) #1346

hahahaha !!!

Bill P


I have got version 2.0.5 of the smartapp and version 2.0.2 of the heroku app.
However even after a reinstall my echo devices (echo dot 2, echo dot 3, echo spot) are offline. They have internet and are accessible.
How can i get them to be online :slight_smile: