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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Ulf Thomas) #1227

Just removed all devices, apps and server and republished. The missing method exception is gone. I do, however, have the 400 error on all echo devices as well as the “OOPS” on Spotify. :slight_smile:

(Anthony S.) #1228

Which funtion is returning the exception?

(Ulf Thomas) #1229

The exception I reported earlier was gone after reinstallation.

The 400 issue is this:

getPlaylistsHandler Error: Failed with status code 400

Reported by all Echo’s every 60 seconds. Could it be related to Spotify not working?

(Tom fontaine) #1230

Thanks - but the test page you pointed me to WORKS … when I go to each echo the volume is set to 0 and it won’t let me change it. So when trying to use it in an app or webcore no audio. Ii think I will ditch it all and reinstall - maybe wait for this to become more steady state.

(Tony Fleisher) #1231

This is not related to spotify and probably isn’t a problem. Are other functions working?

(Anthony S.) #1232

For 90% of the almost 800 user’s it works very well. I don’t understand how everyone’s accounts are so different.

Let me explain the volume real fast. There isn’t a goto spot in the API to query the volume at all times. The volume is available during any media playback. Which only happens if you played something on the device in the last hour.

So when new devices are created i have to set the volume attribute to a tempory value which of 20 so it thinks there is something.

(Anthony S.) #1233

Async commands in ST are nice but also a Pain in the ass. If it returns any status code other than a 2xx it will through an exception.

(Jeffrey) #1234

Not sure if this was answered but the DTH needs updated for a few more devices like the fire tv generations and the tap. The smartapp got the updates but there aren’t matches in the DTH I believe.

(Anthony S.) #1235

It should work with those devices but I do have some updates coming out that are going to make things run a little bit better

(Ulf Thomas) #1236

I am unable to control any of my devices with Echo Speaks. I thought this was part of the functionality?

I had to reestablish my ST-Alexa smartskill to get it back.

(Anthony S.) #1237

I can say with absolute certainty that the smartthings Alexa integration has absolutely nothing to do with echo speaks Working or not working

(Ulf Thomas) #1238

Not my point. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve misunderstood the functionality of your application: I thought I was supposed to be able to control my devices via your solution, but that is not correct, right? Your app allows me to interact with Echo devices from say Webcore etc, but for me to use Alexa to control my devices I would still need the ST-Alexa integration, right?

(Tony Fleisher) #1239

Yes, as described in post#1, The app allows integrating the devices themselves (i.e. echo, dot, show, etc.) into smartthings; it has nothing to do with connecting smart home devices to the Alexa cloud.

(Tony Fleisher) #1240

Can you explain what you mean by this? What are you seeing (or not seeing that you expect)?
Are the devices visible in the smartapp “Discovered devices” screen?
Which “create…” switches do you have turned in in the app?

(Jeffrey) #1241

Last I looked the images were still pointing to I ages that don’t exist and there was at least no tap lasted in the dth.

I made the fixes on my code as a test and it fixed all that.

Maybe it’s all fixed in your latest.

(Jeffrey) #1242

Read above. Sorry on my phone not very clear.

(Scott) #1243

Here is a sample piston I created making use of Alexa Speaks.


There is a separate thread for examples:

(Marc) #1245

Ever since the 2.0 updates, My webCoRE pistons that use the Speak action aren’t working. I went into the smart app and clicked Done and can manually trigger commands from the “thing” device, but my pistons aren’t working. Any ideas?


Fantastic! Thank you very much for this.