[RELEASE] Echo Speaks



FYI I was missing the wait command


Thanks you @GRClark this fixed the issue and I was able redeploy the app

(Steve ) #1189

Is anyone having any issues with the volume?
The Smartapp seems to be working ok as things play ok but the volume controls on the Smartapp don’t do anything and the volume icon looks to be stuck on muted even though the device isn’t muted.

(might be my fake name?) #1190

The device specific command “stop” doesn’t kill music that’s playing on an echo.

“Stop” was selected from the list of commands in WebCORE.


(Anthony S.) #1191

I would really like to thank @GRClark @TonyFleisher for opening issues on Github (https://github.com/tonesto7/echo-speaks/issues)… Please keep it up!!
I just pushed up version SmartApp v2.0.2 and Device v2.0.3 with the fixes you submitted issues for :slight_smile:


First, great work here. Truly amazing stuff.

I was finally able to get Echo Speaks installed. Unfortunately, I am unable to get it to do anything, other than discover devices.

To test it out, I created a SHM monitor that when a certain door sensor opens, it sends me a notification AND announces something on my alexa devices. When the door opens, I get the notification, but the alexa devices do nothing.

I am looking at the logging in the IDE, but don’t see anything that shows me there’s an issue. Is this the right place to ask or should I post an issue on GitHub?

(Christopher Birkhimer) #1193

I have the Echo Speak app set up, I have Heroku thing set up and it all seems fine. I even linked the Heroku app to GitHub but none of my Alexa devices are discovered. It has been a couple hours since I set it up and still nothing. Anyone else run into this issue or anyone know what might be causing this? I had no issues before the update. Any help would be appreciated.

(Anthony S.) #1194

because SHM uses playTrackAndResume() which generates an mp3 for sonos to play. I have no idea why they didn’t add a speech synthesis option.

I’m going to add support for SHM in the upcoming companion child app. Thanks for the idea


Great, thanks. When do you think you will release the app?

(Anthony S.) #1196

I haven’t started writing it yet but i don’t imagine it will take me more than a week for a v1.0 release


Ok. In the meantime, is there another method to use that will make the alexa devices announce as I described?

(Russ Neff) #1198

Just noticed that when configuring the Heroku connection to Alexa (Amazon.com) in the app that the connection is identified as ‘Non Secure’’ when it asks for the Alexa credentials. Is there a way to shift this to HTTPS before the credentials are entered?


(Anthony S.) #1199

use the speak command with webcore


Ok. I will check it out. I have not yet used webcore, so I will check it out.

(Anthony S.) #1201

It can be a bit overwhelming but I is literally the best rule engine I’ve ever seen on any platform…

(Tom fontaine) #1202

I too am having the issue where I can’t set the volume on any of my devices and can’t get them to do anything - but, the test page in echo speaks works perfectly all devices!


Where is the test page? I did not see it.

(Tom fontaine) #1204

Same here …

(BigSlade) #1205

Main page of the smart app, 3rd option from the bottom.

(Anthony S.) #1206

Did you upgrade from v1? If yes open the SmartApp and press Done/Save

Wait about 15 seconds and the devices should have been refreshed