[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Joe m. ) #1120

Ok I’ll check the wiki again thank you

(Anthony S.) #1121

Using the devices themselves to send a single speak command from all devices you want to speak is a problem when you send to more than 4 devices at a time.
The biggest issue is they are sometimes rate-limited after the 4th command.
This is why I created the speak queue that kicks in and retries the message until it succeeds (or it tries 10 times)

The other issue is the occasional delays on ST’s side.

This all makes it hard to get a truly synchronized announcement.

If you check in the smartapp there a broadcast test page that lets you play with the upcoming feature.


They are pretty close right now, not that big of a deal (3 echo dots). Happy with the stability, too…thanks again for your hard work that you do for the benefit of all the users. You’ve always been responsive and helpful…You’ve connected the dots where there were none before.

(Joe m. ) #1123

I don’t know how to manual cookie entry, sorry but can’t get this to work. I successfully entered my Amazon information again but to no avail

(Anthony S.) #1124

Uh-oh… I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Anthony S.) #1125

I haven’t had time to whip up instructions… I’m hoping someone here is feel motivated :slight_smile:

(Joe m. ) #1126

So via the logs I sent, do you think it’s because I need to enter a cookie. It def mentions cookies in the errors but I’m no good with code sorry

(Tony Fleisher) #1127

Out of curiosity, what Amazon region are you located in?

(Joe m. ) #1128

I’m in Canada so I picked en ca and amazon.ca

(Joe m. ) #1129

Same errors as before

(Gene Clark) #1130

@tonesto7 I saw the update in community installer and applied updates, went back to smartapp clicking save but then in Echo Speaks smartapp it still shows 2.0.1. Looked in IDE and shows 2.0.1 in code as well. However when I go back to community installer it just shows as installed and no updates. Anyway to verify which information is accurate?

(Gene Clark) #1131

@tonesto7 Well I guess I’m on 2.0.2 because that feature is working. Thanks!

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #1132

The previous version is working for me… I don’t fix what isn’t broken !!!

(Anthony S.) #1133

I would use the new version. It’s alot better

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #1134

What are the added benefits ?

(might be my fake name?) #1135

What is this?

(Anthony S.) #1136

alot more stable. if you use setVolumeAndSpeak() and the setVolumeSpeakAndRestore() they are sent as one command to amazon now.

A lot more stuff, that i can’t think of right now

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #1137

Are you serious ?

(Gene Clark) #1138

Multi room audio group. Tony fixes it so all devices within grip show correct playback status.

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #1139

hmm maybe tomorrow… i dont want to rebuild all my bigtalker settings