[RELEASE] Echo Speaks

I still can’t figure out how to get it to play music from my Amazon library. Has any one figured this out?

Other than that, everything is working great.

Looks like audio isn’t working yet. I’ll look into it more.

I am using 2 Amazon accounts because I have 2 Logitech Harmony Hubs ( since multiple hubs per amazon account is not supported). Since I need to maintain 2 Amazon accounts, I’d be interested in the details of ‘installing multiple versions of the App and the Heroku server’.
When attempting to install a 2nd Echo Speaks smartapp, the Community Installer and GitHub installation methods don’t exactly fit, and am hesitant to mod the smart app code (‘Echo Speaks 2’, for example). Has anyone here installed multiple Echo Speak smartapps ?

You can use the secondary harmony hub skill in Alexa which works fine and doesn’t need you to have 2 amazon accounts. I have 2 hubs and they work fine with the 1 account.

I seem to remember the secondary skill requiring the phrase ‘ask Harmony to …’
but I will revisit that.

Thank you for the suggestion, Barry!

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I have been running echo speaks with 2 Amazon account for some time. Since it is just 2 instances of the same smart app, updating code with community installer our git hub is not a problem. It does require a separate heroku server for each, and those do have to be updated individually.

Good to know, Tony - thanks.

To install a 2nd instance of Echo Speaks, what are the steps you used for success?

It has been awhile, but I think the process is the same, just add the SmartApp again and configure the new instance with details from the second account (I use classic app).

Got it!

All working now - thanks.

I’m playing a dog bark sound via searchSpotify(“dog barking indoors”,100) in webCoRE when motion activates. I can’t seem to get the volume to restore after this though; Alexa is always yelling 100% volume after the dogs bark. I’ve tried waiting 90 sec, restoreLastVolume(), setVolume(). Other ideas?

I have 4 Harmony hubs all on the same account. Each hub has an Echo Device assigned to it. No issues.

Any chance of getting Alexa Guard to turn on or off?

Not yet (at least).

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Last I read, @tonesto7 says manipulating Guard is available in the API he’s using for EchoSpeaks but it won’t be available in EchoSpeaks until he releases v.3.

That’s correct. It’s currently Working in the 3.0 beta

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@tonesto7 does ES work with the announcements on Fire TV yet?

I’m about to test it and find out

Yes, echo speaks works on the fire tv in version 3

Current version is 3? I’m at 2.6 and don’t show any available updates.

Version 3 is only in beta…

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