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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks

(Anthony S.) #2870

That’s exactly what Echo Speaks does and more.

(dbowles1975) #2871

I found a possible bug when using Echo Speaks with webCoRE. If you select “speaktext” as an action when creating a Piston, webCoRE gives you an option to set volume. If you put any value in this field the devices will not speak the text. Left blank they will.

(Tony Fleisher) #2872

It looks like you may have missed the step to enable OAuth in the SmartApp.
See step2-4 in the SmartApp install section:


Thanks for the replies. I was unable to finally delete it by logging out of app and IDE and then relogging. Everything working great now! Thank you.


So can I just confirm that the Sonos One with Alexa doesn’t work with this right? due to the way amazon categories the Sonos device?


Is it just me or is Echo Speaks broken after latest update?
Like I said couple of messages ago I can’t get anything out from Echo devices from webcore piston.

EDIT: had to refresh amazon and heroku login pages from smartapp. Is this something that is supposed to do every time after update?

(Anthony S.) #2876

Have you tested it to see if it works? Can you make the Sonos One speak using Alexa Routines?

(Anthony S.) #2877

Not generally no. If you just updated to a v1.x to v2.x you will need the updated server which supports automatic token refresh


Sorry I don’t know yet as the sonos hasn’t been delivered yet.

(dbowles1975) #2879

I’m having issues getting any audio out of any Echo but I am able to control it with other commands such as “set level”. It was working fine yesterday and nothing has changed on my end that I’m aware of.

What do you mean when you say you refreshed the Amazon and Heroku pages?


I had to open that login service settings… Open all three Tap to proceed… Do absolutely nothing… Click save… And tadaa…

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(dbowles1975) #2881

Everything was working fine when I got home. I’m not sure what was going on. Thanks, though.

(JIm) #2882

@tonesto7 Something has really gone south on my system. I had Echo Speaks on ST for some time and it all worked fine. I recently installed Echo Speaks on HE and things are whacky. On both systems speech to the echos doesn’t always go to all that I selected. And some of them keep repeating the message a few times. One unit doesn’t respond at all for some reason.

Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong? Is it possilbe that having 2 heroku could be causing the problem? Can you use the same one on both systems?

(Anthony S.) #2883

It could be a platform issue. It might be that you have 2 platforms polling for Echo device info every minute.

I’m not sure what to say, mine has been running 100% for months

(JIm) #2884

Mine ran 100% for months also. Just started acting up when I added the other platform. I guess I will try deleting one of them and see if that corrects the issue. There just is a couple things I still can’t do on HE when it comes to Echo notices.

(Anthony S.) #2885

This is why I need to get my ass in gear and finish my Echo Actions app :frowning:

(JIm) #2886

The big thing in HE right now is that Echo Skills doesn’t have contacts into Echo. In ST I used contacts to execute Echo routines for notifications. I wish Alexa would allow routines to be triggered off switches and not just contacts.

(Tony Fleisher) #2887

Alexa allows motion as trigger too, if that helps.

(JIm) #2888

The issue is that the HE Alexa skill doesn’t let contacts or motion go to Alexa. At the present time only switches, lights or anything controllable. Nothing that senses goes as a device to Alexa. Thus Alexa can only control an HE device it can’t act on one.


So Sonos One came today, question answered it doesn’t work