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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Mike Guest) #2563

It’s using 2 pistons, and the variable passes the request details to the second piston. Your first piston asks the question then sets the variable, then exits, the second piston responds to the change of the vswitch and performs actions from any initiating piston based on the value of the variable. It separates the question and the answer, you can have multiple question pistons and one answer piston can respond to any of them (you just expand the answer piston with the details of what to do with the new global variable contents) Only one piston then has to listen for changes in the yes or no vswitches, rather than potentially having several pistons subscriptions triggered every time a response comes back from the user.

(Mike Guest) #2564

example piston 1 asks ‘would you like me to switch off the tv’ and sets the global variable to “tvoff”
the answer piston gets triggered by alexa from the alexa routine, it checks the global var ‘tvoff’ in a switch statement which responds by switching the tv off. A second switch statement based on the say-no vswitch could then say “No problem, I’ll leave it switched on.” Next week you might want to do the same with the deep fat fryer, you make a new piston 1 “would you like me to switch off the fryer”, and set the global variable to “fryeroff”. Your answer piston needs 1 or 2 new entries in its switch statement. It knows from the global variable what question was asked and therefore which actions to take.

(Ron Talley) #2565

I see that but I guess I was thrown off by the “Global” var. I would use “Local” var in these scenarios. Would also keep it all in one Piston.

If blah blah
Then with Echo
Do you want me to turn off the light
Set local var Alexa to {listen}

If Alexa Yes changes to on
Var Alexa is listen
Then with blah blah
Set local var Alexa to {ignore}
With Alexa Yes
Turn Off

If Alexa No changes to on
Var Alexa is listen
Then with blah blah
Set local var Alexa to {ignore}
With Alexa No
Turn Off

(Scott) #2566

@my4paws Thank you, thank you thank you. I had just added two new Echo devices and I obviously well exceeded the threshold for Webcore and not Echo Speaks. I eliminated the spurious echo devices in Echo Speaks and refreshed webcore and my dashboard is healthy again.

As you mentioned, there is a threshold number of echos that can be hosted by ES before things go bonkers.

(Ron Talley) #2567

You can also install another instance of webCoRE. I don’t think it necessarily tied to the amount of Echo devices but the amount of devices in general on one instance.

Speaking of Echo Devices…

(Scott) #2568

Yup, you are as bad as me. Question, have you been able to ES to your Fire TV’s? I have two of the new Fire 4K sticks. Although ES detects them, I have not been able to use them.

(Lee Florack) #2569

Any idea what the threshold might be? I have 102 overall devices with 10 of them being Echo devices. I don’t seem to be having an issue loading webCoRE but just want to be watching as I approach the device count limit.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2570

I’m curious as well. I have over 200 devices, 14 being Echo Speaks devices and only one instance of WC. Everything works fine here.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2571

I have the Netatmo Weather Station, so I have a rain gauge in my back yard.

(GLlew) #2572

Great program. I have it installed and my devices show in Smartthings. If I click on the devices I can then click on the various icons (e.g. traffic) and the device will report traffic.

HOWEVER, neither the broadcast nor announcement tests work and if I ask Webcore to do “speaktext” nothing happens. I cant get the devices to speak text.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

(Jason) #2573

What devices are you using? Some echo enabled devices, like Sonos, don’t support the TTS functions within ES.

(GLlew) #2574

Echo Shows, Echo Dots, Echo Spots and the original Echo.

(Ron Talley) #2575

Haven’t tried lately but hasn’t worked in the past. I have an echo for each room so never really needed it.

(Ron Talley) #2576

Nope. The Dashboard just stopped working one day. Was unrelated to the Echo devices…

(Lee Florack) #2577

OK. I guess I’ll just keep going and keep my eyes open.

(Michael Leonardo) #2578

I’m curious about this as well. I’ve tried playing around with it. I can think of some great use cases but I can also see why they may not allow it yet. I’d like to know if a downstairs door opens while I’m watching a movie… I might not hear it on a dot nearby, but if the movie paused and the fire tv announced, it’d be very helpful.

(Scott) #2579

Well. it happened at 20 echo devices for me. I also have around 200 other devices. I feel like the number of Echo devices was the long straw. Just saying.

(Chris Nelson) #2580

It’s weird tonight, I just noticed that one of my echo dots has stopped any form of the speak command. It’s really weird the rest of my dots are all ok but this one just stopped, every other command works. I tried restarting but no luck. Any ideas?

(Joel W) #2581

I have the same problem with my Echo Show. But clear the Queue and it works again. I would love to see the queue clear on a schedule.

(Chris Nelson) #2582

Thanks man I was going nuts trying to figure out what was wrong but clearing the queue fixed it! Thanks again.