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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Zachary Evans) #2543

app is 2.4
device is 2.0.5

(Anthony S.) #2544

Well there is your problem. The app doesn’t work with the old device handlers

(Ron Talley) #2545

@tonesto7 wanted to say yet again, thanks for this awesome sauce. Mines has been running smooth as butter for a while now. I feel like I’m in the future with my house talking to me! I tried my best not to make it be invasive and I think I really struck gold with the WAF.

EchoSpeaks has taken SmartThings and my Home Automation to a whole other level.

Can I get a Hell Yeah!!!

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2546

My wife really likes the announcement when it starts to rain. She always forgets to close her sunroof and now the house tells her it’s raining and reminds her to check her truck.

(Ron Talley) #2547

I’m waiting on the day that we get EchoAnswers!

Alexa: The TV in the Day Room has been on for 4 hours. Are you still watching it?
Me: No
Alexa: Would you like for me to turn it off?
Me: Yes

Now how cool would that be?!

If Blah blah
Then with Echo
Speak Blah blah
Then Wait for yes/no response
If Yes then Blah blah
If No then Blah blah

(Jason) #2548

No programmatic method that I’ve found so far. In my music command testing it seems that ES can do anything that Alexa can parse in a single voice command (with follow up turned off), such as shuffle. Currently turning on loop mode has to be sent as a second voice command. A clunky workaround is to have two echo devices close enough to each other that one can send a voice command to the other. I have an old tablet running LANdroid next to the echo in my living room, and can use it that way. But this only allows additional commands to the living room echo or to a multi-room music group that includes that echo.

(Kevin) #2549

you can do this with webcore and alexa app. someone posted that you could create 2 virtual switches that equate to yes and no (or maybe one switch?). in alexa app create routine that listens for “alexa yes” and one for “alexa no”. webcore waits for those virtual switches to continue piston.

(Ron Talley) #2550

Interesting…I’d imagine that it would be 2 Switches with a reset period.

If Alexa yes changes while Piston is running within say 30 seconds then…

Going to test this out as it would appear that it should work…Would be better if she could wait for the yes or no response without having to say Alexa again…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2551

We used to do this in a version of EchoSistant.

(Scott) #2552

@rontalley Ron, In reality now that we have Echo Speaks we are actually waiting for the concept of an Echo Listens which would have the ability to listen and accept input after an Echo Speaks as a prompt.

I’ve envisioned something like:

Echo device
SpeakAndListen(‘Give me the name of your favorite color’,{User_Input})
end with
end execute

The idea is that the function would implicitly know to listen from the echo for something that it has just spoken on…ie like the “follow up” mode. No wake word would be needed to provide the input. This is problematic today because 1) there is no way that Echo Speaks can tell which Echo device to speak to…we have to speak to a particular Echo device and 2) there is no way to read or listen for input asynchronously because that is probably a violation of Amazon’s intent for the device use case to avoid obvious privacy and security concerns.

Still, a GREAT idea.

(Anthony S.) #2553

in all seriousness i’ve been entertaining the idea of creating a skill i just couldn’t see how it would be useful at the time.
@coreylista :crazy_face:

(Coreylista) #2554

Did you look at the Alexa Blueprints thing? I still haven’t had a chance to look at them yet… :frowning:

(William Murray) #2555

Guys what am I doing wrong, I have set it up fine as far as I can, done the test on dot v3 and get the message saying this is a test from the echo broadcast system fine.

So have setup a new new smartapp via the speaker companion option and the echo dot v3 is there and want it to say front door knock when my xiaomi sensor has acceleration but not a word from the dot, tried it as well with my lights but again not a word. Please help

(William Murray) #2556

Here is a pic of the activity on my hub

(Doug Newell) #2557

@tonesto7 finally had some weather today and was able to capture an alert message speak command error in my IDE logs. I have the piston set to speak the expression $weather.alerts.alerts.message. When it sends the speak command I get the following error. This also stops any other announcements from occurring until it clears itself.

(Scott) #2558

I am here trying to code Echo Speaks pistons tonight and I can’t seem to get into the Webcore dashboard. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried to register a new browser and the circling logo runs forever and I never get in.

(My4paws) #2559

If you have a lot of devices and especially echos linked to webCoRE you may have to remove one or two of them to get the dashboard to show up again. A few people including myself have had this issue. Something to do with timeout, others might know more about why it happens but removing a couple of my lesser used echoes worked for me.

(Mike Guest) #2560

How do you check if it’s raining? That would be great to remind the wife to bring the washing in off the line :slight_smile: I already have the dryer announcing when it’s finished so she can put in another load.

(Mike Guest) #2561

You could probably do this already with vswitches and webcore

have 2 vswitches, yes and no, two alexa routines triggered by ‘say-yes’ and ‘say-no’ then have a global text variable for ‘action’. When you say ‘alexa, say yes’ then alexa switches the ‘yes’ vswitch, a piston picks up the status of the yes switch changing, interrogates the global variable for the action and then performs the action. (and obviously turns the yes switch off in preparation for next time, and clears the global variable)

(Ron Talley) #2562

Yeah, someone else mentioned that method. I don’t understand why the extra step for the variable?..Why not just use the switch state?