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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Bill Warwick (Jmrwbilly)) #2523

I installed this yesterday… this project is simply impressive!

that said, is there anyway to control other skills with this, other than music? I would like to add start my car as part of a morning routine based on weather…

(Mike) #2524

I don’t think that you need echo speaks for this at all.
Webcore is what you looking for.

(Bill Warwick (Jmrwbilly)) #2525

yes and no, there are multiple alexa skills that can’t be setup in ST… for example, my son has become addicted to the alexa game “lemonade stand”, he wants when he comes home for alexa to give him the “forecast” in the game.

Regarding my car, how can i set that up in webcore? mychevrolet isn’t available in ifttt, or directly in ST. The only way i know how to animate it is using tasker…

(Chris Nelson) #2526

I don’t think the ability to control skills without verbal commands is something amazon has allowed yet, at least in the UK.

(Mike) #2527

You can have 2x echos standing next to each other.
First can say “start my car” thru echo speaks.
Second will hear it and start car.

Take 2 echo dots put them in the box.
Older echo dots cost $10 on ebay.

Or connect zigbee/zwave relay to remote starter of your car and control directly from smartthings

(Ernie) #2528

The Android app Reverb can send typed commands to Alexa via its custom command option.

(My4paws) #2529

I can’t find any information about the url scheme that reverb uses to send text commands, do you know what the sintax is? Reverb://???

(Tony Fleisher) #2530

I think reverb uses the Alexa avs interfaces, Similar to the

(Patrick Gormley) #2531

I have my google home talk to alexa to lock by kevo locks… Wife looked at me strangely the first time she heard it… Lol

(Jason) #2532

Prior to Alexa routines and Echo Speaks I used to have an old tablet running LANdroid talk to an echo for a handful of automations. I’m very familiar with the funny look from the wife. :smile:

(Chris Nelson) #2533

Does anyone else have an echo input and tried to make Alexa say one of the “phrases” in the app such as good bye? I can get her to say everything else just not goodbye. I’ve raised it with amazon but they don’t seem to know. Has anyone else got this problem with the echo input only?

(Zachary Evans) #2534

I’ve had very few issues with this app and all in all it’s been running great. However, I do notice about every two weeks I have to revalidate the cookie. Is this normal?

(Tony Fleisher) #2535

What version of app and server are you running? (It should display at the top when you open the smart app)

(Bill Warwick (Jmrwbilly)) #2536

Is there anyway to get my playlist to repeat?


I have a command which searches amazon, then plays something after certain actions (door open, etc.) If I’m playing music on an Amazon echo prior to initiating the above search, it causes the music to stop playing. Any way to have it resume after?

(Anthony S.) #2538

Not that I can think of. It only stores the info for one track at a time.


Ok. Thanks

(Tony Fleisher) #2540

Maybe imprecise, but Perhaps the history entry that started the prior music could be found?

(Joel) #2541

Been waiting for this for a long time ! Thanks

Are you able to add domain to setup ? Thank you.

(Monte Wagner) #2542

I have one alexa in family room and one dot in bedroom on same smartthings hub, set up with different amazon accounts to control tv independently with harmony hub. I have alexa working perfectly with echo speaks, but cannot figure out how I can install echo speaks on the dot. Since I have different amazon accounts on same smartthings hub, echo speaks does not find the dot. Is this possible? Thanks