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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Gadi Naveh) #2403

I have tried the command below - no sound from my device. When I run the test page from the app it works and my other pistons (which do not use this command) work as well. what am i doing wrong (trying single and double commas)

(Anthony S.) #2404

I’m wrapping the final touches on an update for tonight right now. For some reason wait stopped working and needed to be cast as an integer.

(Gadi Naveh) #2405

Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great work!

Will test again after the next version is ready

(Eric) #2406

Should Alexa be able to give audio notifications for custom rules that are set up thru SHM? I know I can set up rules in WebCore and it works just fine but I was just curious. My activity feed said it sent playtrackandrestore to my Echo but I didn’t get anything to work.

(Anthony S.) #2407

playTrack commands send a url which Amazon won’t allow us to play. So unfortunately no. The companion app I’m working on will allow you to use SHM events to trigger speech though.

(Eric) #2408

Oh, awesome! Thanks for your quick reply.

(Anthony S.) #2409

Just released

@Scott_Thompson your new speak command is there. You can pass your large messages now.

(Scott) #2410

@tonesto7 Thanks, will test…

(Gadi Naveh) #2411

I have updated to the latest, the sequence with wait command is still broken. It looks like the first one is working correctly, subsequent ones (within the same sequence or in different sequences) do not work.

(Ina Kutscher) #2412

Does the executesequence() command allow to start music at the end? The documentation does not mention this as an option but I still got to ask, though :slight_smile:
Would be nice to say ‘good morning’, play weather and then start some tunes to wake up.

(Tim Wagg) #2413

No worries, thanks for your continued efforts. Does the update from last night have new documentation?

Not quite sure where I have gone wrong and seem to be the only one having issues…

(Anthony S.) #2414

It’s possible to have it work.
The difference with the play music commands versus the others is that it sends 2 commands for music.

The first command sends the search phrase to Amazon to be sanitized (removes all non-alphanumeric characters) then makes a second command.

In short I will make it happen

(Doug Newell) #2415

@tonesto7 I did some testing on the new speak commands you built to handle long strings with the below test piston. I am missing something. If I try to have it speak the variable I get the below errors in IDE. But if I just copy the text and paste it in to a speak cmd and run it everything works perfectly it breaks the text down and speaks it in chunks where as before I was getting an error stating the string was too long >450 characters.

(Anthony S.) #2416

Maybe it doesn’t like the characters in the alert.
I’m working on an update right now so I can try to add some filters to clean up those strings.

(Jason) #2417

I’ve found that Echo Speaks doesn’t seem to like variables inside of webCoRE commands for some reason. It seems to handle expressions fairly well though, so for that example you might try using your weather alert expression inside of the command rather than passing it to a variable first. Would also simplify the piston a fair amount.

Edit: Just out of curiosity I tried using the current weather conditions expression inside of a speak command, and it worked just fine.

(Gene Clark) #2418

@tonesto7 is there anyway you can add something to let us know when there’s updates available similar to how Big Talker does? Big Talker’s icon changes.

(Anthony S.) #2419

There is push notifications for updates if enabled in the app

(Doug Newell) #2420

Thanks @MinerJason , I know this piston is messy I was just using it to test. That way I can find the best solution and put it into the actual weather alert piston. I’ll try the expression in my actual piston and see if it plays nice. Its hard to test the weather alert functions when we don’t get any alerts…lol

(Jason) #2421

Yep, is why I used a few of the current conditions to test. You might try using some of the forecast functions to test, since they can easily get lengthier than the alerts.

(Doug Newell) #2422

@MinerJason, I tried to speak the expression on the 10 day forecast in the below test piston and got a new error. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.