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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Anthony S.) #2262

Thanks for the update @Brad_ST

Is this isolated to specific shards?

I’m not seeing these issues at all on the server I dubbed Old Faithful (NA01)

(Brad) #2263

Yes, NA02 only.

(Anthony S.) #2264

I have an idea that may help eliminate these issues when the platform is experiencing issues.

I’m going to move the tts commands from being Asynchronous to Synchronous.

(Brad) #2265

Things should be functioning again.

(JEFF) #2266

So it should be fixed?

(Stephen Melody) #2267

Fixed at my end, only one announcement and not multiples!!


(Brad) #2268

Yes, the status page should be updated to reflect that shortly.

(Tony Fleisher) #2269

Is this going to continue being a problem, or is there some fix (that will hopefully be applied to all the shards)?

(Anthony S.) #2270

Device Detection Status Update

I want to apologize for not getting an update out for the Tablet detection.
I discovered some flaws which lead me down the path of reworking the whole detection process to provide feedback to you when devices are ignored and why.

I should hopefully have the new version out tomorrow evening.

(Scott) #2271

Thanks Anthony. We all know you have a full plate and you have really done a bang up job for the community. We appreciate your efforts very much.

(Pedaars) #2272

Is there a way to capture the current volume of an echo device and save it to a variable for use with the setVolumeSpeakAndRestore command?

(Anthony S.) #2273

The command itself will do that…

If you don’t provide a 3rd parameter
setVolumeSpeakAndRestore("test message", volume)

(Dominick Barile) #2274

I updated echo speaks yesterday & the test command works but can echo speaks be uninstalled & then install as a new app? I’m havi g an issue with big talker & I’m thinking I did something wrong when I updated yeaterday.

(Tony Fleisher) #2275

Uninstall should not be necessary (and not sure if it will work). What problem are you having? Did big talker work before?

(Dominick Barile) #2276

Yes it did. I only installed it last weekend & after some help got it working. & same for echo speaks. I updated echo speaks yesterday evening & big talker worked but that was it. I dont have any install errors for.both devices & the echo speak test button works but when I put something in big talker to say…nothing. I’m thinking I messed up.somewhere.


Hi @tonesto7, I know you are busy, just a quick one. I can not figure out what would be wrong.

I am using the app test page, broadcast TTS is working brilliant. As for music, only Spotify works for me. When I test with Amazon Music or TuneIn nothing happens.

I captured the smartthings log for reference. What am I missing?

(Anthony S.) #2278

What kind of device is this?

(Brad) #2279

Additional monitoring and safeguards were implemented across shards to prevent this issue going forward.


Echo dot 3rd Generation. This is a screenshot from the app.

(Anthony S.) #2281

Show me the top of the SmartApp main page where it shows the title and version