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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Tony Fleisher) #2222

What type of device?
What commands are you testing?
What is displayed in live logging?

(Gene Clark) #2223

I see that the Amazon – wind is now listed as a device - is there anything you can do with it? Additionally does anyone have any advice on how to keep these devices listed online?


I’ve added my Sonos One and all installed as it should. However when I send messages they are not being broadcast, even though my dots and spot does.

I have used the test broadcast function and it works with the Sonos One.

Just looked in the device detail and it states “TTS false”. Is this why it’s not working?

(Gadi Naveh) #2225

Device - echo dot
Commands - test commands from the app on my android phone (broadcast, music search)
The heroku log shows 200 return code

(Jason) #2226

What’s an Amazon wind?

Yes, Sonos does not support TTS commands from Alexa. The music and other non-TTS commands should still work though.

(Anthony S.) #2227

I had zero time to look at this today because of work… I will attempt to finish when i get home

(Gene Clark) #2228

Stupid Siri. It should’ve read Amazon Dash Wand.

(Anthony S.) #2229

Sorry I forgot to mention that I remotely allowed the Dash wand

I wanted to text mine last night to see what capabilities it allowed has anybody tested there’s

(Gene Clark) #2230

Mine constantly drops off my WiFi network otherwise I’d test mine. I’ll try again later tonight.

(Jason) #2231

Hah! Thought it was something like that, but my brain couldn’t quite piece it together (likely because I’d not heard of the dash wand before now).


Thanks bud - thought so. Be good if Sonos updates this and allows TTS.

(Scott) #2233

I am a big Sonos user. All of my Sonos were recognized and added via Echo Speaks. I don’t believe that we will see TTS support there because Sonos believes they have achieved the needed voice interface thru the Alexa Sonos Skill. When I have had Sonos as a target device for TTS, I have used BigTalker and that seems to work.

(Patrick Gormley) #2234

I am curious how you are getting your sonos recognised in Echo Speaks?

(Scott) #2235

Echo Speaks picks up the Sonos devices as one of the “Other” devices. It’s not working to do anything because of the reasons I mentioned and that’s why I use BigTalker to talk thru the Sonos from Webcore. But, the Sonos devices were added under ES. Here is an example of one of my Sonos devices as created by Echo Show in the IDE:


Was just wondering for searchSpotify command, if i do not want to mess around with the volume but want to only use the sleep timer, how do i go about doing it? Would it be something like this - searchSpotify("thriller on the everywhere, 0, 300)??

(Gene Clark) #2237

So yeah I could not get anything working on my dash wand. Not sure if anybody else was able to do anything. I do like the new feature of the announcements being added - very cool. I also like the disconnect Bluetooth feature. Haven’t actually tried it yet as I don’t want to disconnect Bluetooth but it sounds like it could become useful.


I am using the test page, I only change the music provider from Spotify to Amazon Music and nothing happens. I got a screen shot from the SmartThings log.

(Doug Newell) #2239

What is the max length for a tts message using echo speaks? I have a weather alert piston that partly works and in troubleshooting I discovered I am getting the below error when trying to speak the below weather alert description. the below piston snip is just a simple test piston I was using to troubleshoot the missing tts announcement from my original piston. Thanks in advance !

(Anthony S.) #2240

I believe it’s under 400 characters. I’ve never tested it fully

(Doug Newell) #2241

Thanks for the info… That is going to put a kink in my idea to read the weather alert description in the piston I have been working on. I’ll do some more testing to try and define the tts limit.