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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks



I received an alert that my Amazon credentials needed to be signed in again. Does this have anything to do with the fix?

(Tony Fleisher) #2143

What do you mean by “status updates”?

(Glen King) #2144

It’s working properly again… as is ecobee. Along with a bunch of other things that have been malfunctioning over the past day or so.

Would be nice to know exactly what the issue was.

(Anthony S.) #2145

It was a very rare bug in Java.

I was informed that ST is going to create alerts for this event so in the future, an engineer will able to address it quickly without requiring users to report the problem.

(Mike Coscia) #2146

Everything is working great now! Thanks for the update!

(Scott) #2147

Everything is working fine now here. Yay! Good investigative work.


Hello, what do i put in the appCallbackUrl field on the heroku setup?
You mentioned null. I have put that and tried ‘false’ too, but the app isnt finding any devices.
Im not 100% sure its this issue, but ive followed everything else on the setup.

(Anthony S.) #2149

The only way you would be seeing the new server was if you were using the old beta code. Please overwrite with the latest smartapp code…

(Greg Baker) #2150

Thanks you for working on Echo Speaks and thank you for helping get the recent issues fixed. I just un-paused my pistons and am back up and running at my home.

Thanks again for your work tonesto7


If there is an outage



Still getting cookie expired errors


All working great now, thank you for your quick reply.

(Giltechy) #2154

check your DH, smartapp and heroku server updated.

(Dave) #2155

I have an issue where all my Echo devices volume is set to 0%. When I click on it, brings me to volume control and I slide it up to 100% and click on the x on top left, volume still shows 0%.
I also noticed in Android it shows as muted ( crossed out speaker ) while its not so in IOS.

(Tony) #2156

I suppose this is a question for @tonesto7 or @bamarayne. Is it possible to set the music player option for fire tablets to “true”?

(Anthony S.) #2157

Send me a specific deviceType… Look at the device under the smartapp where it lists the devices it will show you all of the devices and there deviceType info.


All updated. It keeps telling me the cookie expired.

(Scott) #2159

You need to do the Heroku setup again and provide the new app name and revalidate the login and it should work fine.

(JIm) #2160

Is the current version still 2.1.2?

(Anthony S.) #2161

The non-beta version yes (v2.2.0) is likely to release this evening