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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Tony Fleisher) #2122

I think this is probably an Amazon quirk. Does the ecobee4 announce when you announce using Alexa voice commands?
I.e. “Alexa, announce some message”?

(Jason) #2123

Yes. The Ecobee4 will play the announcement with an Alexa voice command. It does the exact same thing as the real Echo devices in the house, plays the bee-boop sound the plays the recording of whatever was said.

(Joel W) #2124

Has anyone seen an improvement over yesterday? Mine seems to be still screwed up.

(Scott) #2125

Nope. Absolutely no Echo Speaks or even Bigtalker2 routines working. This is obviously an Amazon issue.

(Jason) #2126

Alexa routines can currently only be triggered by motion sensors, contact sensors, it’s own mobile presence sensors, echo buttons, or on a schedule. The primary advantages of Echo Speaks are that it allows you to add anything within ST as a trigger, and can be used with much more complex logic than Alexa allows.

A simple example of more complex logic is your door/gate notifications and motion notifications. I have a busy house with 3 kids, and Alexa would never stop talking if I used the routines as you described. Instead, I only get announcements if an exterior door has been left open for more than 3 minutes, or if there’s motion at the front door after the kids are supposed to be in bed, etc.

(Anthony S.) #2127

This is a smartthings issue.

I’m not seeing scheduled actions actually firing in the smartapp.
Device schedules seem to be working though

(Anthony S.) #2128

Alexa Routine execution in echo speaks is coming soon as well :wink:

(Scott) #2129

Interesting. So, perhaps SmartThings rolled out a patch that is breaking things?

(Jason) #2130

Could be. Echo Speaks has been working fine for me, but the past two days I’ve been having issues with my mobile presence toggling state every 10 minutes while I’m home, SHM not allowing me to clear alarms and taking 5+ minutes to change state, and virtual switches turning themselves on and off.

(Mark Phelps) #2131

Just for info, in the UK, only problems I had was yesterday whatever playlist I asked for, Alexa would choose her own, no big deal for a day. Echo speaks has been working fine with non of the issues others have described.

(Anthony S.) #2132

I just confirmed that NST manager is also screwed up right now.

(Tony Fleisher) #2133

This maybe shard specific.
I am on na04-useast2 and didn’t notice any problems yesterday or today.

(Jason) #2134

I’m on na02-useast1 and don’t seem to be having trouble.

(Anthony S.) #2135

i’m on NA01

(Anthony S.) #2136

I’ve reached out to a contact at ST to see if they can investigate…

(Anthony S.) #2137

To those having issues

The cause is that ASYNC http requests are failing at the platform level.

It’s being dispatched to the appropriate engineer at ST and will hopefully be addressed soon.
I will post an update with I know more.

(Anthony S.) #2138

Issue Resolved:

The issues we are seeing should slowing start resolving themselves.
I want to say thanks to @vlad for investigating the cause and contacting @rappleg who fixed the issue in like 10 seconds

(Joel W) #2139

My setup is now working, came back up a minute ago.


Isn’t working for me.


On a separate topic I wonder if you can pull in the SmartThings, AWS status updates into Actiontiles panels or via webcore.

So you can see status updates in real-time without having to go to each page.