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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Tony Fleisher) #2058

Short answer. If you can use the device to speak from a routine in the Alexa app (other than “this device”), you can use it for TTS with Echo Speaks.
It may work for a few additional devices, but more likely not.

(Tanya Sawrie) #2059

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Just now updating app and server. When I hit “deploy app” it doesn’t do anything. I’ve reset cookie data and still nothing

(Tanya Sawrie) #2060

Uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Got the deploy to work and process. But now I can’t get the app to add any of my devices

(Denis Grabocka) #2061

Yes it works just fine with my Ecobee4

(Tanya Sawrie) #2062

Disregard - I’m an idiot and shouldn’t be working on this stuff after the day I’ve had. Sorry for the post.

(Ina Kutscher) #2063

Now that TuneIn search is working I’m using it in several webCore pistons and I’ve run into a funny issue. My favorite station I want to wake up to in the morning is called R.SA. When I enter it in the Music Search Test the first hit is R.SA Live - the station I’m looking for. However when I trigger this search from my pistons Alexa tells me “I could not find a station called R dot Sankt Antonio”. It was funny the first time but now it’s frustrating because I can’t get it to play my favorite station. Is there something I can do about that?


Set a virtual Simulated Alexa Switch called Radio On in smartthings. Allow Alexa to discover that device. In Alexa set a routine so when Radio On is on then play TuneIn radio station. Then get your piston to turn Radio On.

(Ina Kutscher) #2066

That’s a good idea and I tried. However the only devices offered to trigger a routine are motion sensors. Other than that I have voice, schedule and Echo button. Does your suggestion work with the US app (I assume you are from the US?) Maybe this is a limitation of the German Alexa app, we usually receive new features later if at all.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.


UK here. Works for me as the native EchoSpeaks TuneIn search did not work for me. I have it set up so radio is played first thing when I walk into the kitchen in the morning. Did you set up a simulated switch device handler so it’s visible to Alexa? You also need to give access to Alexa SmartApp within the Smartthings App.

(Ina Kutscher) #2068

Yes, everything is set up like you suggested. I see the virtual switch under devices but I can’t use it as a trigger in a routine. Your use case would work, I see all motion sensors but not the virtual switch.

(Fourtek4) #2069

Try a Simulated switch rather than Virtual switch.

(Tony Fleisher) #2070

Is the switch available in the Alexa app?
You need to authorize it in the Alexa smartapp and have Alexa discover devices for it to show up.

(Ina Kutscher) #2071

Yes, the switches (both types simulated and virtual) show up just fine in the Alexa device list). They are just not available as trigger in a Routine.

(Ina Kutscher) #2072

Just for the fun of it I’ve added a simulated motion sensor. This one shows up as trigger for an Alexa routine. I guess I’ll just set this to active/inactive in my pistons.

(Tony Fleisher) #2073

Alexa routines are only triggered from motion or contact. A custom dth was developed to work around this you can find here:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2074

Ummmm, those are the same thing.

(Fourtek4) #2075

Thought I read somewhere that people had experienced problems with virtual switches but not with simulated switches. I have never tried to use the virtual switch option as am fairly new to Webcore/ST and have only ever used simulated switches due to this belief, any idea why the two options exist if they are both the same?

(Alex Tripp) #2076

Interesting. My doesn’t want to show up under devices. Did you just follow the instructions when setting it up or did you do something extra?

(Alex Tripp) #2077

Nevermind. I am an idiot that can’t follow instructions :smiley:

(Ina Kutscher) #2078

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.
You guys have solution for everything :slight_smile: