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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Kev) #2018

Did it retrieve your amazon cookie ok?


it said it did, but I have just switched on debug and in the IDE it says:
Echo Speaks Authentication is no longer valid… Please login again and commands will be allowed again!!!

If I login again from the Heroku domain it says the cookie is OK.
The IDE says
getCookie() Request Received…
storeCookie Request Received…
Then goes back to Echo Speaks Authentication is no longer valid…



All sorted now - thank you.
I installed a couple of days ago, but didn’t get chance to configure it.
I hadn’t realised the code had been updated in the last few days !

Updated to latest code and all working now !

( - Make your home your butler!) #2021

@tonesto7 Submitted a patch to support capability “Audio Notification”, this allows Echo Speaks to work with SmartApps which work with existing device like the Sonos which use this capability. The methods are already implemented.

@Augustin this should fix the Echo Speaks not showing up in your apps

(Anthony S.) #2022

@RBoy @Augustin

I’ve merged in the changes

(Mike) #2023

Was using the 2.1.0 beta release and all was working well for a few days. Noticed yesterday that I wasn’t getting announcements anymore. Saw the update to 2.1.2 and updated the app, DH and server (2.1.1). All my devices are there but when I send a test broadcast I get nothing, and I’m getting no announcements out of my webCoRE pistons still. webCoRE does show completed successfully with no errors.

+4975ms ║║Executed [Echo - Living Room].setVolumeSpeakAndRestore (1812ms)
+4978ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (4852ms)
+4979ms ╚Event processed successfully (4979ms)

(JIm) #2024

Unless i’m missing something, echo speaks doesn’t support playText.

(Anthony S.) #2025

You will need to log out and login again under the server

(Anthony S.) #2026

playText is deceiving as it’s really looking for a URL to the mp3 that was created by the text string.

Amazon doesn’t allow mp3 playback on the echos :frowning:

(JIm) #2027

I was looking at what Rboy said. I did a test app and selected both an echo and my other speaker. The did a PlayText. It only works on the regular speaker, so nis this only for music and not text?

What I was trying to do was send a text message to both devices without having to have 2 commands.

(Anthony S.) #2028

Speakers like sonos don’t do TTS on their own they just playback mp3 of text converted to mp3 by the tts engines on the platform

(JIm) #2029

Ok. I guess that’s not like my speaker. I have a lan speaker that playText works on to play messages. Just thought it would be easier to have one command for both, but I can separate them and use speak on the echos.

(Nathan Curtis) #2030

Dude you guys rock! Now THAT’S teamwork…

(JIm) #2031

Being nosy, I noticed in your DTH you have a playText command which just calls the speak command. However it isn’t listed in the command list. just for my own curiosity, I added it and now I can use PlayText with either my speaker or echo device. Not trying to modify your code, I just wondered what would happen.

(Anthony S.) #2032

Thanks… I’ve added the change into the upcoming release…

( #2033

@tonesto7 im in the UK but still get the error message
Echo Speaks Authentication is no longer valid… Please login again and commands will be allowed again!!! | Method: (getEchoDevices)
I have updated to the latest release 2.1.2. Heroku Echo speaks service is version 1.3.0
is this a known issue?

(Anthony S.) #2034

Yes especially when you don’t update your server like you’re supposed to :flushed:

(Michal) #2035

I am trying to play an mp3 file from a web server using the command Play Track… in a webCore piston with a direct url to the mp3 file on the server. However, no luck so far, mp3 is not played via Alexa. Is this function not implemented yet in the Echo Speaks?


This one…

(Michal) #2037

Ah must have missed it. My apology. So what files can be played from a web url?