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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks

(Anthony S.) #2796

This can get tricky. Because for some reason ST decided to only add the Sonos style TTS actions to most of it’s built-in automation’s. (Which is weird because they are moving away from hosted TTS).
The other caveat is that Amazon doesn’t allow us to send MP3’s to the Alexa devices otherwise I could support Native ST TTS features.

Echo Speaks can work with the following capabilities. Speech Synthesis and Notifications. Those will be translated into Alexa TTS.


(Gene Clark) #2797

@tonesto7 Am I correct in saying there’s no way can you specify a URL to have Alexa play that sound clip through an Echo speaker? I’d like to be wrong on this one but…


(Anthony S.) #2798

Not with the current API.
It’s been a minute since i’ve messed with the Alexa/Lambda API but i’ve been entertaining the idea of porting the lambda over from our unreleased version of EchoSistant 5 before @bamarayne resurrected the project and built his own v5.0.

The idea would be to use it to use for:

  • SSML for different speech effects
  • Custom audio file playback
  • Echo Show/Spot screen output graphics
  • The list goes on.

My only hold up would be that I can’t remember if I can send speech to an Alexa device unsolicited.

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(Gene Clark) #2799

Guess you better get busy! :joy:

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2800

Based on my experience, no you can’t… But I’m just an amateur compared to your skills. But if you can, you’ll be the one to find it.

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(Tony Fleisher) #2801

Maybe a combination of voice service and Alexa music skill could work?


(Todd M) #2802

I have been looking for this functionality since I first purchased an echo years ago.


(Ron Talley) #2803

What functionality would this apply to? Use case.


(Todd M) #2804

I realize that I can use EchoSistant and/or Echo Speaks to accomplish most needs. But rather than go through all of the install process for EchoSistant/Echo Speaks, it seems it would just be easier (I think) to do something like an API call to determine the last echo spoken to and use webcore to do announcements to that or another or a group echos (ex. “Someone is in the driveway”). Or, to just be able to address an echo directly, unsolicited, to do similar announcements and/or a plethora of other functions. Am I missing something here?


(Ron Talley) #2805

Was just curious. I am heavily invested in Alexa and Echo devices. Last count was 38 devices. I was just biding my time until I could finally do what EchoSpeaks offers. Before, I was using Tablets, LANnouncer and BigTalker. Always willing to expand the horizon!


(Todd M) #2806

YIKES! I have 8, three of which are tablets. I am optimistic that the “Echo” market will continue to grow exponentially and I fully intend to ride that wave. No offense to the authors of Echo Speaks, EchoSistant, LANnouncer or BigTalker, but it just seems ridiculous to have to employ those methods when much of that could be avoided if Amazon would just open up the Echos a little more. And yes, I understand the security issues…


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2807

Yes, and there is the problem. Amazon has said they do not intend to open it up for that. They have made advances but until then we just get to jump through hoops to get things done.

The nice thing is once you go through the set up process, which are actually pretty simple, you do not have to do it again.


(Todd M) #2808

Thus my efforts today to get Echo Speaks installed. :slight_smile:


(Ron Talley) #2809

@bamarayne, has this been “easily” implemented yet:

Alexa: The garage has been opened for 10 minutes with no motion. Would you like for me to close it?

Option 1:
User: Yes

Alexa: Ok, closing

Option 2:
User: No

Alexa: Ok, would you like for me to keep reminding you.

Sub Option 1:
User: Yes

Alexa: Ok, I’ll remind you every 10 minutes.

Sub Option 2:
User: No

Alexa: Ok


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2810

No, it hasn’t… I’ve not had time to get to that one.

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I don’t know if it will do exactly what you want but take a look at this webCore topic

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(Ron Talley) #2812

Mind Blown!


(Kevin) #2813

I can’t tell what the main thread is here. I inquired before and got helpful responses on getting announcements to my tablet (samsung) with Tasker and Autonotification. I would very much like to get all announcements through the Echo Dot I have. All I get from the Echo is what is included in the Alexa App. The Echo Speaks results in zero announcements. I have reinstalled it multiple times, to include all of the server instructions, amazon cookie, etc. I get to the Broadcast Test in the Echo Speaks on ST Classic, but still no result. Is there a secret to getting Echo Speaks to work, or another option? Again, the Tasker and Autonotification works fine, but I’d like to direct all announcements to the Echo Dot, which ST’s has a an available device.

Thanks for your help.



(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2814

What automation are you using in ST to send your notifications? EchoSpeaks allows the Amazon devices to be seen and used in ST. It does not make the notifications magically use them.

You must set up your notifications and choose the proper devices as the output devices.


(Kevin) #2815

@bamarayne - Thanks for the fast response. I’m not sure my noviceness understands the inclusion of automation and notifications with Echo Speaks (ES). I have the ES DH installed and configured per the instructions (still no joy with broadcast testing). I have attempted a piston test, the music player is the Echo Dot. Perhaps this is to simplistic?

If you are asking about the automation that does work (with through the tablet speaker) - I’m using the Tasker and Autonotification:

Updated: I just looked at my devices in the ST IDE and added the Echo Speaks device. I’m not sure if this was part of the instructions or not, but doing this seems to have made it so my echo dot is making announcements. It works intermittently, perhaps there’s a reset period for the device?