[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

Aaargh. Now ST-Community Installer doesn’t work. Can’t find a relevant thread in which to post this @tonesto7 but when I open the Community Installer smartapp in the new ST app, the tile for “Installer Home” is dead and doesn’t do anything.

You don’t need to use the community installer, anything can be installed manually.

The app works then doesn’t and then does. I undertand we really must wait for the update.

I did notice that I get this error in the logs when I test:

8:24:44 AM: error EchoApp (v3.6.4.3) | Speech Test device with serial# (******** was not located!!!

But when I check the Alexa app the device serial # is correct.

  • checks echo speaks post.
    It’s working.

*checks echo speaks post.
It’s kinda working.

*checks echo speaks post
It’s sorta working.

*checks echo speaks post.
It’s not working.

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Well I’m glad I’m not alone in this, I’ve been messing trying to get it working again for days, the mrs said put it down you will drive yourself barmy. To late I think. I’m just going to have to wait and see what comes from tonesto7 lite version. It did start working like some of yours did for a few days but alas it’s gone again. I do miss this app more than any other. Heard it still works on Hubitat … swear word on here maybe but I’ve been considering it seriously. Your a clever bloke tonesto7 and I wish you luck writing new code that SmartThings can implement. I miss my talking house :weary:.

Looking forward to the lite version of this

I miss the echo speaks more than I anticipated and as others look forward to Echo speaks lite! I am sure as most things, it is harder than expected.

I feel like this lite version will remain in the limbo forever …

Move over to the other hub and never worry about it again :slight_smile:



I just might do that for this. EchoSpeaks is missed soooooo freaking much!!! Good thing is, I already have the other Hub and it’s working side by side with ST.

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Is this still working? Mine was not working.

No… Page up, read thread…

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