[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

The lastVoiceActivity attribute has stopped functioning for me again. I must be doing something wrong. It updates correctly with just a regular Alexa command (What time is it?). But when using a Routine, lastVoiceActivity is blank. Any thoughts?

I solved my own problem. I just use lastSpeakCmd and ES actions with a virtual switch. Voilà.

When building an action, in Configuration : Part 4, Alexa Devices:
Is there a way to choose “last echo spoken to” ? I know that one of the echos has (Last Spoken To) under it, but that only responds from THAT selected device, not the device spoken to. My action is speaking text and I want it to respond from the echo that I am speaking to. Am I missing something?

Good morning everyone. I am a long time echo speaks user, and honestly, I haven’t had to mess with it, because it was built so good and I never have any issues. Yesterday, I got an email that my Heroku account was suspended for fraudulent activities. And now they are asking me all these questions to confirm the account is mine.

My question is, is Heroku still used? Anyone get account suspended? Just want to make sure it’s legit?
It seems like my Echo Speaks is still working, so I’m not sure what the deal is with the Heroku.

Would be cool to be able to send a “Sleep” command to Fire TV devices. Unless we already can??

It’s not possible to send those type of commands…

Just wondering out loud, what happens to Echo Speaks when ST retires the Groovy IDE? I think this is supposed to happen sometime next year.

Please guys someone help me. I have Heroku emailing me that they suspended my account. I got this app working when it first came out. They are asking me to verify my Sha code…how the hell do I do that? I can’t find directions.

Please someone answer. I been looking forever.