[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

Thank you @tonesto7 and @TonyFleisher. It’s resolved.

I was able to duplicate the issue with the cookie.
It’s definitely the server. So I’m going to try and get it fixed in the next few hours.

Excellent news tonesto7. Thank you very much for your support and obviously awesome app!

Release v3.6.1.1 (March 11th, 2020)

Main App (v3.6.1.1)

  • FIXED: Scenario where cookie auth failed and server wakeup request was still being sent every 5 minutes.
  • UPDATED: Gave the diagnostics web interface a facelift and made it easy to get the External Url while using the new ST app.

Server (v2.4.1)

  • FIXED: Cookies were being cleared by the server for UK users on startup after v2.4.0 upgrade.
Server Update Notice:

Thanks to the user @zarthan over Hubitat I’ve been pointed to an app that will allow you to add auto-updates to the server without having to add me as a collaborator.
The github app is called Pull

I added some basic steps to the documentation here:


I am very new on this. Basically I am using the echo dots to get all my speech notifications for my smartthings devices. I have google homes and google hubs as well but they are not compatible with smartthings to use them as speakers.( do you know any workaround for that?)

The purpose of echo speaks is to be able to integrate the echo dots with smartthings? in other words, do I need echo speaks in order for smartthings to be able to see the echo dots?

Do you know if I can integrate my ring doorbell with smartthings?

How can I update the echo speaks automatically, when you have new updates

sorry about all the questions

  • As far as I know you do need Echo Speaks to be able to integrate your echo devices with smartthings

  • You can add your ring doorbell with smartthings, you will have access to the live view, button push status and motion I believe.

  • I’m not sure is there is a way to automatically update echo speaks but maybe somebody will have a better answer on that

There’s no Automatic update available, but you can do it semiautomatic in about 4 clicks using the community installer. Tonesto also posted something last night about updating the Heroku code with something called pull (?). Haven’t looked into it yet. You’re correct on all other points.

21 hours without cookies issues!!! Thanks Tonesto!!! Amazing app (my top 1 with ecobee suite manager)


I made my donation!!! Really appreciate this app Thanks again @tonesto7

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Looks like the issue has been found and fixed and I am no longer going insane. Thanks again toensto7. Any plans for future smartthings apps? Always enjoy your work.

Is there any way to capture the response from an Echo Dot and suppress it before it is spoken?

I have a webcore piston that will play “Todd’s Favorites” playlist on my home audio system. I use ES to play the music on the ceiling speakers in the room where the command was given. The comand…“Alexa, play Todd’s favorites.”
Now, Alexa responds, “Todd’s favorites doesn’t support that.” But the piston parses the lastVoiceActivity, compares it to “todd’s favorites”, and my playlist plays on my ceiling speakers just as I commanded.

Not sure, but adjusting the phrasing could help eliminate that error message. You might try something like “play Todd’s favorite’s playlist” or “shuffle Todd’s favorite’s” and see if it still happens.

Are you using an expression in WebCore to compare?

Yes, and it works well.

Good thought. But Alexa’s response is “I don’t see Todd’s favorites playlist.” Also, I have to keep the verbiage wife friendly.

Which service are you using for the music, and what is your default music service set to in Alexa? Have you tried just “Alexa, Todd’s favorites”?

I have a Raspberry Pi running Kodi with an attached thumb drive that contains nearly 8,000 mp3 files (music). Alexa integrates well with that system (Kodi). That is connected to my whole-home AV system and supplies music to just about anywhere in the house that I want it. Also, I do use Amazon Music over the Echos (or AV system) on occasion or when I am away from the house. I built several playlists on the Kodi system to filter the mp3s. So a typical use case for me is to say “Alexa, play 80’s hits” and my 80’s Hits Playlist starts playing on either the ceiling speakers in that room or the location that I specify. Again, things have to be “wife friendly” using natural speech to make these things happen or she complains and won’t use it. With ES, I was attempting to move away from having to say room/speaker names. It can get quite difficult remembering all of those specific names. But my recent tests with ES reveal execution times that are too long. That is making ES much less useful. I’m hoping the latency is in my system. I working to improve the latency.

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Just wanted to drop by and let tonesto7 know the new update to server and app fixed the cookie login issue. I have had no problems for about 3 days now. Thank you


Only just tied to get into notifications and I’m still getting a issue

Posted on github but as it was closed worried you might miss it

Is there something in the code that I can adjust that would allow ES commands to be available for device type variables in Webcore? Specifically I would like to have different sets of speaks assigned through device variables, but when I do this I lose ES commands from the available command list.