[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

RELEASE v3.2.1.0

Main App (v3.2.1.0)
November 1st, 2019
• UPDATED: Auth Status page to be a little cleaner.
• UPDATED: Cleaned up HTTP Exception logging to be a little less confusing.
• FIXED: Resolved the missed poll notification bug.
• FIXED: Minor bug fixes and State cleanups.
• FIXED: Minor bug with Response designer where invalid characters would cause the editor to not load configured text.
• FIXED: Fixed scenario where cookie refreshes would fail due to negative time calculation (Thanks @TonyFleisher).

Action App (v3.2.1.0)
November 1st, 2019
• ADDED: You can now run different tasks on Tiered Actions start and stop events (Each can have different delays).
• ADDED: New tasks have been added to the action executions (Control locks, garages, sirens, dimmers/lights/bulbs).
• FIXED: Minor UI cleanups to make this less confusing.
• FIXED: Squashed some more Repeat After action events.
• FIXED: Minor bug with Response designer where invalid characters would cause the editor to not load configured text.
• FIXED: other minor bug fixes.

Zones App (v3.2.1.0)
November 1st, 2019
• FIXED: other minor bug fixes.

Echo Device (v3.2.1.0)
November 1st, 2019
• UPDATED: (NOTICE) Split the device code into two versions. There is one for Hubitat and another for SmartThings.
• UPDATED: (NOTICE) Because of the split in code I can restore support for Audio Mute and Audio Track Data capabilities on SmartThings.
• UPDATED: Cleaned up some unnecessary attributes.
• UPDATED: Cleaned up HTTP Exception logging to be a little less confusing.
• REMOVED: Removed the alexaMusicProvider attribute (Was redundant and unneeded).


I am not an expert user of Echo Speaks, but this can definitely be done. Here is one way…

First, in Amazon Music, create a playlist named Siren which you will use to store a particular sound that I will tell you about next.

Then search for the sound named Burglar Alarm Siren by Finnolia Sound Effects. Once you have found it, add it to the playlist created above.

Then, in the Echo Speaks SmartApp, when you’re building your Action, put the following text in the field where it asks for the music search string…
Playlist Siren

If you’re unfamiliar with how to work with Actions and building them within Echo Speaks, then you and I are at the same place in that regard. :slight_smile:


Heello @sgnihttrams

Thanks for your helpful information.It’s a good idea regardless the fact that I don’t have Amazon Music, I only have Spotify, but I think I can do the same thing there.

My problem is that I did not found an Action that was triggered after the “Intruder Alert” was released. Maybe someone knows something…

Thank you,



Well, you don’t have to use the Echo Speaks SmartApp to build your automations.
I do most of mine in webCoRE.

However, I think you may be able to accomplish what you’re referring to with the option within Echo Speaks Actions named ‘Perform tasks on trigger?’

Have you tried that yet?

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I’m at a loss. I’ve been using v2 for months without issues then tried to update to v3 and am not having any luck. I’ve used the Community Installer to install everything. All appears fine because all versions are set properly including Heroku. I’m able to run the Device Test to test the Speech and Announcement tests successfully once. After that I’m no longer able to run the Speech test but the Announcement tests runs fine. The Music Search test runs fine too. Unfortunately I’m unable to send any speech to any of my Alexa devices though Actions or Webcore. I’ve tried uninstalling and resinstalling everything but always end up as the same hosed state. I’ve looked on the web on how to revert back to v2 but it appears all the documentation for that is now gone. Bummed.

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i’m not sure how to help with such little info.

Thx for response. Is there any specific info I can provide to assist in troubleshooting?

I can confirm this happened to me too. I am a first time user of Echo Speaks. Just got my hub yesterday. Setup as guided and was able to do a speak test. After that nothing work including the actions and the tests. Tried the tests many times but my echo didn’t speak. One interesting thing is that I can still change the volume via Echo device in smartthings (using the slider) and my echo light up according the volume level I changed.

So I’ve got a Stuck\missing Action. I think what happened is, when I was creating the action I set up a custom response and then somehow exited without saving properly. When I went back into the actions area to delete it, there were no actions listed, but somehow the custom notification still fires when its triggered. I literally deleted and reinstalled everything I could think of but no joy. Any idea what I need to do to fix this? LOVE the Smartapp. Thanks for all the hard work on it.

Can you please add to the Sensor Device Events a carbon dioxide concentration sensor?

Interestingly it’s now working for me. Go figure

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Is it possible to send text commands to an Echo device as if you were saying it in the Echo Speaks options?

I am basically trying to set-up automation to transfer music from one echo to another.

This can be done by asking Alexa to pause on the first device and resume on the second device but I cannot figure out how to accomplish this with Echo Speaks. I have tried the following:

  • setTrack
  • restoreTrack
  • resumeTrack

But I can’t get any of them to work. Not sure what to put in string or number fields if anything.

@tonesto7, et al

[brain fart in progress]

Somehow I’m drawing a blank…is it possible to send a command to Alexa and instead of having it say something, have it do something…as if I had spoken a command?

e.g. There is a ‘3rd-Party’ smart system (Hunter’s HydraWise irrigation system) that has an Alexa skill, but the only way it works (of course) is by spoken commands. I’d like to be able to send a command to Alexa to have it do something in HydraWise as if I had spoken that command out loud (but didn’t).

You can create this, by using a routine from Alexa app. (Stop/play music) and then call the routine via echo speaks

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible.
If you put 2 devices near each other, you can use echo speaks to have one device give commands to the other, but i think that is about the best you can do at this time.

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I don’t see how this would be possible in the Alexa app as a routine because it’s far to limiting.

Dang. That would be amazing because no longer would Alexa have issues understanding a command.

If you look under the routines you can initiate skills now. Combine that with Es actions to choose when to trigger the routine under SmartThings

Alexa App

Echo Speaks Actions

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OK. That’s what I was afraid of.

As it turns out, I do actually already have a second voice activated assistant device (Google Home Mini) in the same room. If something similar to this would be possible with these two devices (i.e. having the Google Home Mini speak commands to my Echo), I might give it a try.

So…do we have something that gives us the same/similar sort of capability that ‘Echo Speaks’ gives us for Amazon Alexa, but for the Google Home/Google Assistant yet? I really haven’t done much with the Google Home world yet (beyond connecting it to my primary HA infrastructure, SmartThings).

Unfortunately, I can’t get my two voice assistants (Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini) to interact in this way, because of voice recognition settings in place in each of them.

When I run a test, the Google Home Mini says that it does not recognize the voice (i.e. coming from the Amazon Echo), and when I test the other direction, the Echo simply ignores the spoken words coming out of the Google Home Mini (the wake light comes on briefly like it heard the wake word, but then the light ring goes right back off, and doesn’t say or do anything else).

So, I’m assuming that anyone who actually has this working is not taking advantage of voice recognition technologies.

…or am I missing something?

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