[RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

Ah ok, SmartThings doesn’t send SMS’s outside the US for privacy regulatory reasons. If the audio files aren’t playing (dog barking, custom Audio URL’s etc) likely your soundbar integration doesn’t support playing back audio files from external servers. These audio files are all hosted on an amazon server and the device should be able to play files from an external server - Sonos and Bose do, it looks like your Samsung Soundbar may not - or if it does, the SmartThings integration doesn’t support it currently.

@RBoy Have few inputs on this smartApp after I configured it today. I am using cast-web-api device by @vervallsweg to broadcast messages so that the music can be resumed. When I use this as my audio device, I am not getting any messages. After some debugging, figured that the if condition of audioDevice.hasCommand(“playText”) is failing and the else statement is executed but there is no playTrack commands in the cast-web-api. I was able to resolve this by changing the cast-web-device DTH to include command “playText”. Looks like either his code or your code needs to change for backward compatibility, FYI.

The other thing I noticed is the custom message being garbled with the variable status (string) definitions (the case statement)… Example: I have defined my custom message as is for a long time. Dont forget to close it. And this message is translated as window is was opened a long time. Dont forget to close it. “30min ago” (this is the postText which is supposed to be prefix as per your comments)… Just FYI so that you could change the behavior and also update the documentation on what is automatically added to the message so that people are aware.

Could you expose the elapsed time as a variable just like or to be included in the custom message so that people just can plug it in and let the custom message be as chosen by the user without any alterations… My 2cents.