[RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

Maddie, I went to the Rboy 1st post and I see nothing about “Alexa integration”.

Hi, you can find the integration installation instructions here.

Finally SUCCESS!

The missing link for me was loading Echo Speaks from Git Hub.

That part was a little bit of a bear. I did the manual install. A few steps were missing, but on failure it was pretty easy to fill in the blanks. I had done this once before with Konnect so that helped.

How happy I was to hear “Mail Box Has been Opened”. Very nice indeed!

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Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - version 01.06.00

  • Added option to skip the first notification

On popular request we’ve added the ability to notify after/every X minutes. You can set a repeat notification interval and enable the Skip first notification option.

What chime is recommended? It appears the chimes that were in the original post are no longer available to purchase anywhere.

What I’m trying to accomplish is when a door opens it beeps the way a traditional alarm beeps to let you know a door opens.

You can check out EcoLink, Aeotec and ZigBee keypads.

Any chance to be able to see a Nest doorbell integration?
I was able to install this plugin to bring my Nest Hello into HomeKit. https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-nest-cam

Now I just wish I could bring it into SmartThings as well, HomeKit automations are not very advanced

Hi, just came across this as i was looking for something that would play a sound via an Amazon Echo when an action such as a switch closed in ST.

This appears as if it will do that, but I cannot see how I integrate the Amazon Echo devices to achieve it. Sorry if I am sounding a bit thick but can anyone help please?

Many thanks

Not at all. There’s a link in the fist post which takes you to the Alexa integration for SmartThings.

That integration allows you to use Alexa to play messages through SmartThings.

Hi , thank you for the update. I had a read and I can see it uses Echo Speaks which i have already tried and found it didn’t work too well, but more importantly because you need to sign up for an account with Heroku and also provide your login details to Amazon which for me is too much of a security risk. Also I use the new ST app’s which seems to make it less stable but that is probably ST’s platform as since using the new app I’ve had no end of issues. I was hoping that integration was either via Alexa skills or IFTTT so I don’t have to expose my amazon credentials. In addition I use Amazon MFA so I’m not sure it would cope with that. But it looks as always a quality app that I have found other uses for. Only fix I would ask for is when using the push notifications , the notifications can be made to produce a sound when it arrives ( I have checked all the notifications settings in IOS) and its stil silent. Found the same problem with the ST notifications as well. Many thanks Andy

If anyone is looking for a door Chime, you may want to consider the new Ring Alarm Keypad. It has 5 chime tones to choose from and has a lot of other features which can be accessed from SmartThings (like a Siren, keypad actions and more) using this integration:

@RBoy you were promoting this app in the “Door left open for minutes”.
But I can’t find the setting that checks the door status after minutes.

It is normal when I open the door to come in, but it would be nice to get notified when it stays open for 10mins +

In the notifications options page, enable the option for Skip initial notification and set the reminder period (X), now it’ll notify you after X minutes but not the first time.

Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - version 01.08.00

  • (New) Added support to notify when Garage door controllers are opened/closed (MyQ, Linear, Nortek, Meross WiFi etc)

@RBoy @maddie

is there anyway you can make RBOY products update communicated more efficiently aside from posting it here in the forums?

maybe attach version numbers on all smartapps or device handlers at your website http://smartthings.rboyapps.com/

this way, its easier to check and compare version numbers that we have installed against your version numbers in your website? this way we can do updates in one swoop unlike here in the forums that often miss product update announcements.

thank you.

Is there a way to use my Google speakers as a Chime? I have integrated them via Cast web api. They show up as a device for me to do a Speak Notification. And I can broadcast mp3 files to them. But they aren’t an available resource for Chime.

I use the SOMETHING left OPEN Smart-App to alert of doors, windows etc being left open. Sometimes, especially when we have working being done at the house, I want to disable ALL of these alerts with a simple virtual switch. Something left Open Smart App doesn’t allow that. Does you app have that functionality?

Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - version 01.09.00

  • (New) Now you can play from a list of preset (or custom) audio files on your compatible player (Sonos, Bose, Ikea-Sonos SYMFONISK etc)

Seeing as echo speaks is not working, is there another way to have smarttings see my echo devices under chimes in rboys chime and notifications app?

Any plans to support DLNA devices like the Fabriq speaker?