[RELEASE] Dome Wireless Z-Wave Plus Siren

I’d love to learn how you’ve set this up with the warning chime before the alarm goes off. I’ve already accidentally set the alarm off in the middle of the night. (it sounds much louder when everyone is sleeping!)

The SmartApp Smart Alarm has an entry/exit delay feature.

Most of my other siren DTHs support the Music Player capability so you can select them for Audio Notifications in Smart Home Monitor and Speaker Notify with Sound.

Once you’ve selected the device, you can use the “Custom Message” option to specify a sound number to play.

I didn’t build this feature into the Dome Siren DTH because that capability isn’t meant to be used like that, it’s messy to implement because of how many times that capability has changed, and it also adds a delay of 1-3 seconds because the “custom message” gets passed through Amazon’s TTS service before it’s sent to the DTH.

Does anyone think it’s worth implementing that in this device handler so you’d be able to play different chimes using SHM and Speaker Notify with Sound?

For the entry warning, I used CoRE. Smart Alarm works off the SmartThings mode, so when ST mode is Away or Night, Smart Alarm is “armed”. If you trip a senor, it will give you 30 seconds to disarm before setting off the siren. So to get a warning chime, create a basic piston in CoRE:

(Mode is one of Night or Away)
(Any of Motion Sensor 1 or Motion Sensor 2 changes to active)
Using Dome Siren as Tone Generator

Now just make sure you configure your beep sound in the Dome Siren config page and set it to Low volume!


For the disarmed chime, I use the “I’m Back Routine” to change mode to Home and turn on the Dome Siren Switch capability. Again, set the Switch sound in your Dome Siren’s config page.

FYI - in case it’s not clear to anyone, the Switch capability plays a configured sound and then turns itself back to off. So it acts more like a button.


I’ve created a SmartApp that allows you to select multiple contact sensors (doors) and Dome Sirens. It’ll play the short tone when a door is opened. You can accomplish the same thing with a routine and selecting the Dome Siren as a “switch”; however, I like to keep my routines clean.

Dome Door Chime SmartApp

There’s a new device handler for the Dome Siren that’s been approved by Dome so I don’t plan on supporting this version anymore.

It’s recommended that you remove the device and device handler and then install the handler and include your device again, but if you decide to just switch the device type in the IDE, make sure you go into the settings and save before trying to use the siren.

The new version uses the Music Player capability to play the chimes, but Dome has created a manual that provides detailed instructions for installing the device handler and using SHM/Speaker Notify with Sound to play different sounds based on different events…


Nice work on this, Kevin! You’ve really unlocked the capabilities of this device!

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I couldn’t agree more, which is why I just bought one. Thanks @krlaframboise!


Hey guys,

I have an add problem, i can select the device type and send strobe, alarm or beep and all work fine.
When i setup my security and chose the siren it select find but never goes off.

I have had to change the device type back to a switch and then in security select the switch to set off the alarm.
I have 2 sirens and both have the same issue. I can see in the event history that it sends the alarm on “both” but it doesn’t work?

Anyone else having this problem?

Many thanks

This is an old topic and device handler. The new device handler that’s officially supported by Dome is located:

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Hello, I am a newbie. Can someone refer my to instructions as to how to install this?


The device handler on this page was replace by an official device handler from Dome. The Using the Dome Siren with SmartThings link in the first post has step by step instructions for installing and using the device handler.

I am working in IOS and it all works except that when I am finished adding the device, it keeps saying Checking Status. Any help?

It looks like you’re using the Samsung Connect mobile app and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t support custom DTHs so you need to switch to the SmartThings Classic mobile app.

Thank you!! That worked! I am new to all of this, so I have one more question. How do I change the sound to a chime?

You’re in the correct app, but it’s still not using the correct DTH.

This topic is for an old version of the Dome Siren DTH so you need to install the code from the post below.

After installing the code, open the device from the IDE and change it’s “Type” field to Dome Siren.

I bought a second dome siren , first one was working fine with the device handler ,but when I added the 2nd siren device handler not loading ,can anyone help me please

You should be using this handler: