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[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)


(Kevin) #143

There’s a setting that allows you to enable/disable the LED, but you can’t turn the siren off so there’s no way to use it as a strobe.


Thanks for sharing my video. :smiley:

(Chad Stovern) #145

@krlaframboise first of all thanks for all the hard work and support!

i just set up smartthings, dome sensors, and dome siren using your handlers and all works great!

the issue i’m having with the siren is if you use the SmartThings app now branded as “Classic” everything works perfectly — but the newly rebranded “SmartThings” app shows “connecting” and i can’t actually select the siren and look at the capabilities.

My answer for now is just continue using the “SmartThings Classic” app on iOS and ignore the newly rebranded connect app.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. :sunglasses::+1:t3::rocket:

(Mark) #146

The new app is no way near ready for proper use. On mine only I think only about 2% of my devises do anything and some of the others run on delivered DH’s and still state disconnected or similar. Unless they have some major surprise update then there is a really long way to go before it is ready for use. I also deleted mine as it was chewing up the battery at times even though I never even ran it lol.

(Jimmy) #147

The new app doesn’t support any custom device handlers yet. Nothing Kevin can do about that.

(Chad Stovern) #148

Thanks Gents, good to know that about the new app. Going to be sad if they don’t add that in.

(Chad Stovern) #149

@krlaframboise Things are working great with my dome sensors and the dome siren. The one minor issue I’m having is even though the chime repeat is set to the default of 1. Sometimes when I open one of my patio doors the chime will play 2-4 times. Could this be a z-wave retransmit / retry thing happening if the sensor is barely in range? Not the end of the world but trying to troubleshoot. If this turns out to be the case I may try a z-wave range extender to strengthen the mesh network near that area between the hub and sensor.


(Sean) #150

I am also seeing this same thing!

(Chad Stovern) #151

Any correlation with how far sensors are from your hub?

(Sean) #152

I don’t think so, the door sensor is only 10 feet from the hub, but it is through an 8 " wet wall…
the dome is 30’ but direct line of site.

(Chad Stovern) #153

I’ve noticed this only happens with 2 of my 4 door sensors (one close to the hub and one far away)…. I activate two Dome Sirens (covering two floors) and the repeat doesn’t consistently affect both sirens.

My Dome Sensors have never lost connection, nor my Sirens.

(Kevin) #154

You’ll occasionally see this when only turning on 1 device, but if you’re turning on 2 or 3 of the sirens/chimes at the same time then the problem is really bad.

I have no idea why, but this device doesn’t play well with SHM.

If you’re using SHM to trigger the chime you might want to try speaker companion and see if that works any better.

(Chad Stovern) #155

Moving the chime actions to speaker companion worked like a charm; thank you!

(Scott Smith) #156

Any chance of making it chime once when the door opens and chime once when the door shuts? Mine chimes the entire time the door is open.

(Kevin) #157

If you’re using SHM to trigger it then you should try using Speaker Companion instead.

(Marco Moreno) #158

Hello. I just installed the Dome Siren using a video posted above. It installed without any errors, but when I click on the Dome Siren I am not seeing all the available configuration options for siren in the “Right Now” tab. I only see like 4 buttons that seem to be (test, OFF, Battery Life and a power button?) and there is nothing just below that.
Below are things that someone can help me solve this problem:

  1. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and same above problem. I had previously installed the device handler.
  2. Please note that I installed sire using the Marketplace phone app.
  3. I am able to see the “Recently” siren logs.
  4. I dont have anything installed in the “SmartApps” tab for the Siren.

Right now siren is basically just an on/off switch that makes sound only from my phone. Any ideas?


Same issue. Just installed tonight as well.

(Mike Thomas) #160

I’m not familiar with Speaker Companion, and since @krlaframboise suggested it I really should take a look.

In the meantime, here are my notes for how I set up several different chime patterns when using Monitor for “Custom” in SHM:

Dashboard > Smart Home Monitor > Gear Symbol > Monitor for “Custom”, choose Audio Notifications > Audio Player > Select the siren device, then tap Notification and choose one of the following:

  • Someone is arriving (sounds a ding-dong ding-dong)
  • A door opened (sounds 2 beeps)
  • There is motion (sounds 1 beep)

Note that you need to select “Audio Notifications”, not “Alert with Sirens” when setting up what should happen when we detect an event.

(Kevin) #161

If you guys installed the DTH before adding the device to SmartThings it should have automatically assigned it the correct DTH.

If you didn’t, you’ll need to open the device in the IDE, change the type field to “Dome Siren” and then save.

If you’re using the Samsung connect mobile app instead of the SmartThings classic app then that’s most likely the problem…

(Marco Moreno) #162

Yes this fixed my problem. I had initially installed device before installing the handler, but I did uninstall the device, reinstall the handler and reinstall the device but for some reason the device type was “Z-WAVE”. I also have to use the Smartthigns Classic App for this to work. I’m all good now, thanks.