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[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)



I have both the Dome and Zooz version of this siren using this DTH, and I don’t know of any way to just flash the LED’s because that’s not controlled via DTH code. It’s either enabled or disabled.

If your Chime 2 isn’t working, perhaps you have a defective device?

(MacTechGenius) #124

What is the difference between the Dome & Zooz in regards to reliability and functionality?

I want to use it as a chime for my doorbell.


Not a thing from what I’ve experienced. Without the specs in front of me, perhaps one has OTA capabilities?

(MacTechGenius) #126

In that case, I suppose the Zooz is more superior since it runs on Z-Wave Plus & can function as a Z-Wave repeater??

Just to confirm, the Zooz supports multiple tones right?

(Kevin) #127

They’re basically the same device. They’re both z-wave plus and they can’t function as repeaters because they run on batteries.

The Zooz model was discontinued a while ago so you most likely couldn’t get it even if you wanted to.


In stock at the Amazon link above …

(MacTechGenius) #129

And it can be plugged into USB to function as a repeater

(Kevin) #130

That’s a completely different device.

I’m also pretty sure that the only thing it can do is turn on and off.

(MacTechGenius) #131

So this thing is a mere siren? Doesn’t have the chime features like the Dome?


Sorry. I was going on your earlier reply to:

(Kevin) #133

The discontinued model was almost identical and users frequently wanted to know the differences so my response was based on a couple of responses above mine and I didn’t actually look at those links.

(Greginfla) #134

I looked through the many post… I am sure this has been asked before… is there a way to change the length of the alarm? the options are 30,1,5, until battery is out. I would like a 3 sec alert. I am using iftt with manythings and smartthings. When MT triggers a motion alert it sends it to ST and Dome. I just want a short bell alert when this happens not 30 seconds of noise.

(Keith G) #135

For one of my alerts, it’s a short sound, so I just have it repeat a number of times. Lasts about 4-5 seconds.

The repeating option was on the Smart App side, so it depends on what app you’re using to generate the alarm.

(Kanishk Singh) #136

I got the dome siren from amazon. The first one had flashing lights, no sound. Tried couple of things like factory reset etc which did not help.
Fast forward I got my second siren which during setup for different things like chime, siren etc worked well for initial 30 mins. Final testing it stopped making sound again. If I press the speaker I can hear the alarm etc but as soon as I stop pushing the front grill it stops.

My question is should I give it another shot or its just that Dome devices are subpar and you have to be lucky for it to work? Is there any other sensor which smartthings support which is able to chime as well as alarm?

(Mark) #137

Can you post a photo please?

The sirens discussed here do NOT have a button on the front grill or do you mean you have to push the grill to get a sound out of it whilst activating it via ST? Are you able to meter the battery?

I have 8 of these and never ever had a single issue with any of them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ST are constantly doing things in the cloud especially with the migration to the new app and infrastructure etc. so with something working from one moment to the next does not necessarily mean a hardware issue although in this case ‘pushing the front grill’ it probably is.

EDIT: Quick question; how would you even discover that pushing the front grill gave you a sound, come clean, did you drop it lol?

(Kanishk Singh) #138

Its the same siren as everyone. I did not mean there was any physical button but if you apply pressure you can hear the siren.
Doubt its smartthings issue. since the light works and the sound worked initially.

(Mark) #139

Sounds like you are extremely unlucky then. Not may people report issues with them and as mentioned I have 8 all running happily. To get 2 faulty ones is not good though of course.

As an FYI the sound and LED’s are triggered separately so even though it does not apply in this case it could easily be down to things they are breaking behind the scenes. Do not even get me started on that one lol

(Kanishk Singh) #140

Thanks for the info.
I did see the logging and could see only one trigger going there. Just want to make sure before I get the third one. If possible can you send me some lines of the log how it looks to trigger sound and light?

I have used smartthings for a little close to 1.5 years so am familiar with it enough to know where to check the log and how to update the DH.

(Mark) #141

Personally I cannot at the moment as am away on business and would not like to send anything without physically hearing the tones etc. just in case…

I am sure someone else will oblige though. If not then I will be home on Saturday :slight_smile:

(Victor) #142

Hi all,

I’m using CoRE to control the siren with my garage door. I’m able to make it chime when the door opens which is what I want. Is there a way to make the LED stay on while the door is open? I’ve tried using “Strobe” but it plays the default alarm instead.