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[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)


(Kevin) #103

The door sensor sleeps so all the refresh button does is set a flag which will make it request the state state, temp and battery the next time it wakes up.

Pressing the refresh button more than once will set a different flag which causes it to re-send all the configuration settings to the device the next time it wakes up.

Actuators like garage door controllers and sirens can respond to commands immediately which is why the refresh button fixes them.

SmartThings changed something related to delays recently which broke the delayed alarm feature so I guess it’s possible that long delays between z-wave commands are now blocking messages from other devices.

The device doesn’t stay on long enough for sounds bell1, chime2, and chime3 to reliably send the off command so those sounds add a 3 second delay which is supposed to fix the issue with the status getting stuck.

If you’re using one of those sounds, try commenting out lines 827 and 828 by putting // in front.

That change will cause the status to get stuck more, but let me know if it fixes the problem with your door sensors. If it does I’ll see if I can fix the issue with the status getting stuck the same way I fixed the beep delay.

If you’re using one of those sounds and it’s failing to send the command after the 3 second delay then yes that would explain why the status keeps getting stuck.


Thanks! Yes, I am using bell1. I checked the status of the doors in the IDE and they report the same thing as the iOS app. Watching the logs I see that the closed status on the door sensors simply does not get reported many times when I close the door. It seems that opening and quickly closing the door while the chime is enabled makes it more likely for the door status to be lost.

I commented out those lines in the DTH and will report back once I see how it works.


I commented out lines 827 and 828 and still managed to get a lost closed status on one of my doors. Also the status of the second siren almost always got stuck on and the bell1 on second siren would often repeat up to 4 times before turning off. I have a ticket submitted to SmartThings but I’ve not yet received a reply. Even though these devices are not officially supported there is no reason that the siren device should have any effect on the door sensor. I also tried triggering the door open chime using webCoRE instead of SHM and it does not improve anything.

(Kevin) #106

( #107

Any help _ Followed the video for setting up my Device handler first for the DOME siren . Everything looks right and my smartthings app looks exactly like yours but i can’t get any sound out of my Dome. Then I hit buttons like Chime2 or other buttons nothing happens. Tried to exclude it from Zwave and reloading it but nothing???

(Kevin) #108

If it doesn’t turn on when you tap the Alarm tile then you probably have a defective device.

(Avinash Desai) #109

Looks like my battery indicator is stuck. It is 89% from the start. Please help !!!

(Stefan Giudici) #110

I’ve got a pretty odd-request. I’m using Sharptools (which is amazing) and Tasker on android to make some custom SH things happen. One of sharptools nice skills is the ability to set z-wave actions/parameters through tasker. My goal is to set chime volume to 1, chime, wait, set chime volume to 2, chime, wait etc.
The actions it pulls from the device handle to run are as follows:

I’m flipping through the device handler looking to figure out how to set the chime volume with these. SetLevel doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. It’s really more on the DH side than sharptools side, so I figured I’d seek your input. Thanks!

(Kevin) #111

Is it still stuck?

If so you should try tapping the refresh button a few times and if that doesn’t work you should remove the batteries for a couple of minutes.

(Kevin) #112

I haven’t tested this, but in theory, if you add the following to the bottom of the code it should allow you to use the setLevel command to change the chime volume.

Keep in mind that this will cause that setting to be out of sync with the level attribute and will most likely change the actual volume of the device every time you save the settings screen.

def setLevel(volume) {
	sendEvent(name:"level", value:volume)
	return [configSetCmd(4, volume)]

(Jon Turnbull) #113

Hi all I am struggling to buy the DOme in the UK.
Is this the same thing as its from Banggood the product listing is not clear.

(Mark) #114

The same Jon!

Or grab off Aliexpress

NeoCoolCam Siren

I have had 6 from Aliexpress deirctly from CoolCamOfficailStore and they all arrived within 2 weeks of ordering.

Just be careful as I believe they do an Apple HomeKit version also so make sure it is defo. the Z-Wave version.

(Jason Clark) #115

Thanks for the map of sounds, it confirms what I suspected… my siren isn’t working as I expected. For example, Bell 3 is not Fur Elise, it’s a slow siren. Most of the buttons are not playing the sounds I expect, and I’m not convinced it’s playing at the correct volume for a given sound. The battery widget reports 100% (and it’s a brand new unit, and had the plastic strips around the battery when unpacked). SmartThings was able to pair with it, but not do anything with it out-of-the-box; I installed v1.2.2 of the Device Handler and every looked fine… but didn’t sound right. Here’s what I get:

Siren1 - sounds like a car alarm; cycles through several “alarm” sounds
Siren2 - plays a single tone, but lights flash for ~8-10 seconds
Chime 1- Classic door bell, x2. "ding-dong… ding-dong"
Chime 2- No sound, 1/2 second of lights
Chime 3- 1/2 second of a descending whistle sound.
Bell1- 3 seconds of the car alarm sound; I think it’s the start of Siren 1
Bell2- a quick chirp followed by a submarine-style long “whoop” repeated several times
Bell3 - Slow Siren - maybe “police car”?
Bell4- A few siren noises - maybe "emergency/fire engine"
Bell5- A short noise, I think it’s supposed to be breaking glass.

I’m new to this- this is my first device handler installed via the IDE. I’ve removed the batteries from the Siren to try a reset; not sure about next steps. My main question - does this sound like a config issue, or bad hardware? Not sure If I should keep tinkering or just return the unit as defective.

(Kevin) #116

Somethings messed up…

Remove the device from SmartThings and then hold the action button down for at least 10 seconds to perform a factory reset. A flashing light will indicate a successful reset.

Once it’s been reset you can add it back to SmartThings and hopefully everything will work as expected.

Keep in mind that this siren occasionally has a 1-3 second delay so if you tap a tile don’t hear anything and then tap another tile those sounds might overlap resulting in unexpected partial sounds being played.

(Jason Clark) #117

Thanks Kevin. The 10-second button hold did cause the light to flash, so a reset occurred. After reset, the siren disappeared from My Devices. Triple-clicking the button allowed it to be re-added (after clicking “+” in the app to begin), and upon being re-added, the device automatically picked up the Dome-Siren DTH I had previously added. However, the siren behaves the same as before- incorrectly. I also enabled debugOutput, and was able to confirm that the sound numbers being played matched the values in the soundMessgages array, so at this point I have to conclude the driver is fine but the siren is bad. Guess it’s getting returned to Amazon as defective.

I think I may look into other models before ordering another; I wasn’t thrilled with the sound or the volume. Ideally, I’d like a combination Siren & chime, but if the siren isn’t loud enough, it’s no good as a siren.

(Jackson) #118

So just to be clear before I start poking around in the code…

There is, currently, no simple way to change the volume of a custom SHM audio notification utilizing the bell sound.

Essentially, I have a motion sensor outside spanning my driveway so I know if anything walks up to my cars at night. Inevitably, there will be false alarms and I don’t want to be running to my driveway every couple nights because a cat wanders in or a particularly strong wind trips it. So I figured I’d use this device and mount it under my flood light. That way when the motion trips, a little chime and a little red light from the device will go a long way towards making thieves feel uncomfortable about sticking around.

It’s working like a charm but I’d love to make the audio notification a little louder. I’m using a custom SHM rule utilizing ‘audio notification’ with Bell 2 and ‘light notification’ - as it infers to someone outside that they’ve triggered a chime indoors as well (or at least that’s the thought).

(Jason Clark) #119

Actually, a quick follow up. I just realized I don’t have the Dome Siren, I have the Neo Coolcam Siren Alarm. One of the Amazon reviews specified to use this DTH with the device, which is why I thought I had a Dome. A quick search hasn’t turned up another driver for “Neo Coolcam Siren”; should this driver work? Is there another I’m missing?

(Kevin) #120

So you want everything to play at the volume specified in the settings, except a specific SHM rule?

I built this functionality into my Aeotec Doorbell DTH, but it’s not nearly as simple as it sounds. Modifying the code will most likely result in unwanted delays and other issues so I don’t recommend it, but this is what you would have to do:

Before the play command you would have to add the command to change the volume and a delay that’s long enough for the volume change to take effect.

After the play command you’d have to add a delay that waits long enough for the chime to finish playing and then changes the volume back to the default volume. You’d also have to add a command that sets the siren sound back to the default value because there’s a firmware bug and every time you update the chime volume it also updates the siren sound.

(Kevin) #121

This is the official Dome DTH so if you’re trying to use it with a different device I really can’t assist you.


Thanks for the DTH.

I am looking for a way to have flash LED for 5 seconds but no sound.
For some reason for my device, Chime 2 doesn’t play any sound. So I use it to play with LED, it actually works, but only blink once.

The scenario is, I want to remind myself of Alarm status when I want close to the door. So I want to motion sensor (by the door) to trigger some LED flashing.

I hope there is a way to do that.