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[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)


(Lizz) #62

Thanks so much for your response! Giving it a try, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

(Eric) #63

I cant get the siren to connect to the z wave. It just says looking for devices.


Do you have the DTH installed and published for yourself?

The siren should blink the LED based on it’s status. Is it blinking that it’s joined, or not joined and trying?

(Eric) #65

It blinks 5 times and then the app continues looking. Yes I have added the DTH. I might mention it is a neo not dome.


Ok, that means one of the following:

  • Blinks 5 times in 1 second - the device powers on, but is not yet included in a Z-Wave Network.
  • Blinks 5 times in 500ms - the CONNECT BUTTON is pushed 3 times, either resulting in the Siren sending its NodeInfo, or being included or excluded from a Z-Wave network.
  • Blinks 5 times in 300ms …the device powers on, and is arleady included in a Z-wave network.

I recommend a factory reset and trying again while being within a couple feet of your ST hub when joining.

Press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds then release. A flashing light indicates a successful factory reset.

(Eric) #67

Well it still will not connect to my hub… Maybe I got a bad one. :confused:


Maybe, so let’s look at something.

Look at your hub’s event log when you start the inclusion process. You’ll see one message saying it started as soon as you start, and then you’ll see another similar “inclusion started” message when the device is seen and the join process starts. This can take over a minute sometimes.

When you start the inclusion process, does the green LED on the front of your hub start to blink slow, and eventually speed up a bit?

It may not be a bad idea to power down and up your hub (including the removal of the batteries). If had to do that more times than I like to get things like this to work right.

(Eric) #69

OK tried a complete power down the light does a steady blink once I click add, and I do not get a inclusion started message. I just get this “No devices to add, verified devices: [:]” The siren blinks 5 times and then does nothing else. When I first put batteries in it blink 5 times slowly indicating its not paired.

(Kevin) #70

Are you pressing the connect button 3 times quickly during the pairing process?

You have to press it really fast and if it hasn’t connected after about 15 seconds trying pressing it another 3 times.

(Eric) #71

Yes that is what I am doing it just will not pair.

(Kevin) #72

Remove my DTH and try adding it again.

If that works, install my DTH and go into that device’s settings through the IDE and change the type field to my DTH.

Let me know if that works. If it doesn’t then it sounds like you have a bad device and you’ll probably have to return it and get a new one.

(dennis) #73

i’d like to use one of these with the lowest volume, to create a delay beep/chime for the alarm.
Is the lowest volume still very loud?

(Eric) #74

Ok I will report back.

(Eric) #75

Did not work I am returning it.

(Jimmy) #76

is your neo coolcam version for the right z-wave frequency? I know Ali Express has different versions for different countries frequencies.

(Lizz) #77

Hey that totally worked. Thank you so much! You are the Groovy master! @krlaframboise

(Kevin) #78

I just released a new version of the DTH that fixes the Play until depleted bug.


This works superbly, Kevin, thank you very much. I had originally added the siren to Smartthings in haste simply by pulling the battery tab out and searching for a new device. It added ok, but its only mode was an on/off siren.

Stumbling upon this handler, I removed the device, installed the handler using your instructions, and then it was found again with no issues, but with the additional modes available. This is now great for differentiating between different activities, gate open, back door open etc.

(Lizz) #80

Great I’m glad everyone can benefit :slight_smile:

(Miller Family) #81

Has anyone found a way to program a new Chime on this device? Just as simple Beep Beep. My house sounds like a Doctor’s Office.