[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)

Have you opened the device in the IDE and verified that the “Type” field is set to whatever you named the DTH?

If you already had this device joined and an old version of the DTH installed then you need to create a new handler with it and use a different name for the handler that you haven’t used before.

Please excuse my ignorance, but I am very new to SmartThings / device handlers. I logged back on to the IDE and found that the name in the “Type” field was not set the same as what it was named in the DTH. I made the change and all of the options now show up.

Follow-up question. I tried setting up a new automation where when my Schlage lock unlocks, I wanted the Dome Siren to chime. I did not see any option for chime. I only saw Offm Strobe, Siren & Strobe, & Siren. How do I get to the Chime options?

Chime isn’t a capability in ST, or at least not a usable one, so my DTH uses the Dimmer capability instead.

Before using that you should go into the device settings through the mobile app and change the Switch On action setting to “Do Nothing”.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to use the slider on the device details screen to play chimes 1-10 (anything over 10 is ignored).

In Automations you should see a Dimmer option in Automations and you can use it the same way.

I followed your instructions and got the chimes to work. Thank you very much for your very quick responses tonight and your patience with a newbie. Your support and work is very much appreciated. Thanks.


EDIT: Nevermind. I found another post where you already answered my problem.

I updated by changing the device type to something else, deleting the DTH, and then re-installing from GitHub. Once I changed the device type back to Dome Siren, everything appeared. Thanks.

I installed all the updates from GitHub for the Dome Siren DTH. Is there a new one I am supposed to use. All I see is this:

Thanks for the custom DTH. It seems to work, however the problem I’m running into is that the actions are SIGNIFICANTLY delayed. Ill open a contact sensor (door) to play a chime and it looks like live logging will pick it up right away (please see attached logs). however the chimes themselves wont do anything for 1-2 minutes. Any ideas?

Check the settings to make sure all the ones related to delays are disabled.

Just checked the delays and they’re set to off (we’re set that way by default).

I’ve read some other forums that are stating it’s normal for the siren delay to be almost a minute. Is this the case? I was hoping for a rather instantaneous announcement of a door opening.


I’ve never seen it take more than 10 and usually it’s closer to 2-3. The biggest issue with this device is that it often gets stuck in a loop and plays the sounds multiple times.

Almost all the sirens I’ve seen that run on batteries have either that issue or a stuttering issue because they take longer to acknowledge commands sent from the hub so the hub sends the command multiple times and the device doesn’t ignore the duplicates.

Both of those issues are a lot worse if your z-wave mesh is weak or busy. If you have any powered devices that report power, energy, etc. and you’re not doing anything with those reports you should disable them or at least make them report as least often as possible.

People often have energy reported multiple times per hour which doesn’t make sense to me because it’s an accumulative value so whether you have it report every 5 minutes or once at the end of the day, that value at the end of the day will always be the same.

Chatty devices can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of your z-wave devices.


I’ll try see what devices are over reporting energy. I use battery monitor and pollster, though looking at live logs I’m not seeing a lot of activity. And pollster only runs on my pool (every 45 minutes) to report temperature, though I could probably turn that off because the new SmartThings app doesn’t allow the pool endpoint to display temperature. What a shame.

Thanks for your help.

Polling a device 45 minutes is fine.

Some smart plugs can be set to report power, energy, current, and voltage every 30 seconds so if you were doing something like that or had multiple that reported frequently then you could have issues.

I was just saying that if a device has an option for disabling a type of report you don’t plan on using that report then it’s best to disable it…

This probably has nothing to do with your issue…

Actually it does seem to have an effect! I had a smart app called “battery monitor” that wasn’t showing on live logging as activity at all. However once I disabled it the response on the done sirens increased significantly. One is now only 1-3 seconds while the other is still 5-10 seconds delay. There is sporadic delays of up to 30-45 seconds but I think im going to run a z-wave network repair and dig through other devices for power reporting and the like.

Thanks for the info and pointing me in the right direction!

That app is most likely checking the existing state of the devices and not attempting to poll them so that shouldn’t have had any impact…

That’s somewhat normal. Are you attempting to activate them at the same time? If so, that will definitely cause some additional delays for the 2nd device.