[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)

this comment saved me…I could not figure out why the Config options in the app were wrong. Once I changed the Type setting in the IDE it worked correctly…thanks!

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Thanks for writing this handler. I’m new to Smartthings and learning WebCoRE. Everything works perfectly with the Classic app not so much with the new one. I was planning on using WebCoRE with the DOME siren but it is not appearing as an available device there. Is this normal? Any way around it? Thanks.

Custom handlers have virtually no control over the UI in the new mobile app. It should appear as a siren, but that’s about it.

It should show up in at least the actuator, switch, and Alarm lists in WebCoRE. It’s been a while since I’ve used WebCoRE, but doesn’t it have an authorized device list that you have to add new devices to in order for them to appear in the WebCoRE website?

After having hub issues today I was looking around for many answers. I accidentally found the allowed lists in the WebCoRE App but not on the website. Thanks for the reminder.

I installed the device handler, saved and published it but after connecting by brand new dome siren it still does not have any options for chimes etc. The app does recognize it as a “dome siren” but is only giving me the default alarms. I have updated, excluded, deleted. Nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?

I still have no idea why, but the built-in SmartThings DTH often overrides the fingerprints in my Dome DTHs so you have to open the device in the IDE and change the Type field to “Dome Siren” which will be near the bottom of that list.

The other possible issue is that you’re using the new mobile app because custom tiles are only supported in the Classic mobile app.

Hi, I know I’m late tho this party, but I’m making the switch over from Wink to ST and have two Dome Sirens I’d like to integrate. I followed the directions at the top of the post and pretty sure I have the device handlers installed correctly…but…

  • I see a Configure button in the app but it doesn’t do anything
  • In IDE, the device shows as “Z-Wave Siren” and when I edit it per these instructions to the Dome Siren from the device handlers, I cannot update - I get a “you are not authorized to view this page” error.

Any thoughts??

The SmartThings handler overrides the custom handler sometimes which is why it didn’t get assigned it automatically, but I’m not sure why you can’t change it manually in the IDE…

Does it save if you change it to a different handler like z-wave switch?

try using an icnognito browser window when updating the device type


Will the device handler for the Dome Siren ever be available in the New ST App? if not, are you aware of any smart siren that has similar functionality, meaning can work both as a siren and as a door chime when the motion is detected or someone opens a door open/close sensor?


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Thanks Jody. Sorry about that.

The UI might not work well in the new mobile app, but you should still be able to use it as a siren and door chime in the smartapps.

Thank you Kevin

Just noticed that my Dome UI is stuck on Alarm Pending. Can’t clear that status, and can’t trigger the dome through the UI either. Dome is still working fine but the UI is unusable. Tried to swap the device handler without any success. Does anybody has any idea how to tackle that issue? I’d like to avoid removing the device and adding it back as it is used in various places and it would be a pain to setup again.


Have you tried tapping off? Which mobile app are you using?

Tried pressing all buttons including off. Message disappears but comes right back after a refresh. I’m using an iPhone.

and I’m still using the classic app.

Try replacing the batteries

Do you have the delayed alarm setting enabled?